GLOW! is a multimedia nighttime art festival at Triangle L Ranch.


Photo courtesy of GLOW!

Tucson’s art season began not with a flash but a shadow, when the full moon crossed the blazing Arizona sun one dazzling morning last week. The unfolding of the eclipse was slow and sensuous, as the moon blocked the sun’s light bit by bit. After covering 60 percent of our solar system’s very own star, the moon receded just as slowly. Part art, part science, all fun, the eclipse engendered a cheery, if brief, community vibe across the nation. We all live under one sun and one moon, no matter what slice of totality we get.  

Earthbound Tucson artists continue that astronomy-based congeniality with a season-opening art event that looks to the heavens. After a year’s hiatus, artist Sharon Holnback is reviving GLOW! a multimedia nighttime art festival celebrating the full moon, held in the high desert of Triangle L Ranch in Oracle. Part of the ranch has been converted into a sculpture park, and during the four nights of GLOW! visitors walk illuminated ranch paths where dozens of artists have set up electrified sculptural installations. The art glow magically competes with the moonlight. Thespians and musicians also perform. Sept. 9 and 30; Oct. 6 and 7.

Glimmering GLOW! is only one of a multitude of arts events, exhibitions and performances that light up arty Tucson’s crowded fall calendar. From opera to dance, from painting exhibitions to dramas, from book readings to musical concerts of all kinds, art-seeking Tucsonans can find plenty to do. This preview can only touch on highlights of the season; check out the Tucson Weekly weekly to get updates. —Margaret Regan

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