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Election results will come during an Oct. 22 meeting at Twin Peaks Elementary School.

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After having councilwoman Roxanne Ziegler ask for his resignation about four months ago, John Lambert, president of Continental Ranch Homeowners Association, turned the tables at the Town of Marana meeting on Nov. 6 by asking for Ziegler’s resignation from council. Ziegler was excused and not present at the meeting. 

Lambert said he believes in the First Amendment that allows freedom of speech, but continued to say that elected officials are bound by ethical codes and that Ziegler has violated those ethics by “threatening to take an 83-year-old board member to the parking lot to settle things” and by directing “personal attacks against the board directors of Continental Ranch”. Lambert is referring to an HOA board meeting that took place on June 20.

According to Lambert, there is a group of people that are normally disruptive at the board meetings. The board of directors has come together numerous times to discuss possible solutions to minimize or alleviate the disruptions. One idea mentioned was having police be present at the next meeting – an idea that the board decided to not follow through with. 

“Knowing this, councilmember Ziegler, contacted the police chief and requested an officer be at the board meeting – after she was off the board,” said Lambert. 

Ziegler left the board of directors in February of this year. 

“Councilwoman Ziegler is entitled to her opinion as a citizen but using her position on this council to promote her personal agenda against myself and the board of Continental Ranch is not only illegal at best but also a breach of her position on council.”

Marana resident John Abraham also asked for Ziegler’s resignation after saying that she “threatened to beat up an 83-year-old in the parking lot”.

The 83-year-old woman that the two men are referring to is Continental Ranch HOA board member Marilyn Stimpson, who was unreachable for comment.

Ziegler later responded to the accusations in a phone interview.

“I believe these two gentlemen are totally out of line and confused with the procedures. His story about me wanting to beat up an 83-year-old woman is unfounded and the personal attack is unfounded. The reason I called the officer is because the board of directors was being unprofessional and out of line and some of the people in the meeting were getting out of hand too. I wasn’t calling the police on any specific person. I just saw that things were getting out of hand,” said Ziegler. 

She went on to explain that the officer came and looked around at the meeting, she thanked him for coming and he left not long after. 

“All this happened when they were voting me off the committee. They (the board of directors) all voted no. After the vote she (Stimpson) said something like ‘you should have been nicer to us and you would have gotten a vote’. It was so loud in there that I asked ‘what did you say?’ and even said ‘I can’t hear you. Let’s go outside. It’s too noisy in here.’ They (Lambert and Abraham) are taking all of this out of context,” said Ziegler.

Ziegler continued by saying that she has asked for Lambert’s resignation more than once because “he’s a bully, arrogant and not professional” and that “he tells the other six (board of directors) what to do.”

“They don’t want to disagree with him,” said Ziegler. “He’s an embarrassment in the way he acts and his ethics are deplorable to the Continental Ranch HOA.”

The Town of Marana meeting ended with the council approving three items. One was the transfer of ownership and operation of the North Marana Non-Potable Water System from the Town of Marana to the Cortaro-Marana Irrigation District. 

Second was the approval to transfer $60,000 from the budgeted expenditure authority from the General Fund to the Bed Tax Fund for the development expenses of Marana’s Destination Marketing Organization (DMO), which would promote tourism through recreational opportunities throughout the year and at major events to bring in more revenue for the town. 

At a council meeting on April 2, an outline was presented that showed possible choice of agreement with the Metropolitan Tucson Convention and Visitors Bureau. A motion was passed to further discuss the issue on April 9 at a council study session where authorization granted staff permission to establish Marana’s own convention and visitors bureau. Partnering to assist the town in its DMO will be the firm of Davidson & Belluso. This firm is a cheaper proposal than the Metropolitan Tucson Convention and Visitors Bureau. 

The council lastly approved the amending of a Marana ordinance rezoning about 54.2 acres in the Gladden Farms blocks 14 and 15 located at the corner of Tangerine Farms Road and Heritage Park Drive. Currently, both blocks are single family residential with a minimum lot size of 3,500 square feet. Gladden Farms would like to expand that to a minimum of 6,000 square foot lots so people can have their own private backyard pools. This will eliminate the need for a community pool. The change was unanimously approved.

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