Letters to the editor from the Sept. 10 ssue

Get elected, and travel the world

Attention world travelers. Free trips. Get elected mayor or councilman.

The town of Oro Valley budgeted $50,000 (2007/2008) and $45,000 (2008/2009) for travel / training purposes for the town council in the “TOV bare bones budgets.” Town council members shall submit a report to the town manager for approval prior to any anticipated travel. Mayor Loomis recently took a trip to Europe (TOV taxpayers bill: $10,208.20). No prior approval. Trip: May 17-24. Approval: July 10 after the trip.

The trip request came from David Welsh (former TOV economic development administrator), now vice president of Tucson Regional Economic Opportunities.

If this trip was for economic development, the TOV should have sent the economic development administrator (Oops. Forgot position is vacant since David Welsh went to TREO).

Mayor Loomis sounded like a good substitute. TREO board member Mayor Loomis recently helped vote TREO $75,000 taxpayer money.

Is there possibly a conflict of interest here?

John Musolf

Oro Valley

Marana needs to become its own thriving community

During the last election cycle one of the candidates had a lot on his mind; the candidate was facing a serious, life-threatening operation. Therefore, the candidate decided not to ask for campaign donations. He made a statement that in order for Marana to thrive it needed to become a “new transparent, dynamic city.” The candidate told the town that transparency is past, present and future -- if one of the three is missing, then it is not transparent, but a veil of darkness and is subject to corruption.

The candidate lost the race but not his love for his community.

The reason that the candidate has not given up in his quest for the town to become a “new transparent dynamic city” is because if Marana does not, it will become like many other communities in Southern Arizona: an empty promise.

To begin, as a town, all that Marana can become is a suburb of Tucson. Suburbia needs cheap land, cheap gas for transportation, and most important cheap and easy financing.

Cheap land no longer exists in Marana. At $4 or higher per gallon of gas, it becomes too expensive to drive to work. When First Magnus went bankrupt it also started the same process for Marana but at a slower pace. Within a month, Sanders Grove came to a screeching halt, as did Saguaro Springs and the Fry’s shopping center at Gladden Farms.

In calculus, a triangle (delta) represents the difference between y and x. Let Y be the year 2004, the town could not build houses fast enough, there was always a waiting list. Today X represents Marana: major projects on hold.

In uncertain times elected officials with leadership skills rise to meet the challenges of the moment. True leaders know the time is always right to do what is right.

Hence, this council does not have to listen to this bumbling fool.

Marana needs to become a sovereign city in its own right, because as a town it will only remain a suburb of Tucson with an uncertain future.

David C. Morales


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