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Posted: Tuesday, July 15, 2008 11:00 pm

Letters to the editor for July 16

Can Al prove people sold due to taxes?

On July 9, I, a liberal Democrat, attended the SaddleBrooke Republican Club meeting in the Mountain View Clubhouse. The meeting featured a debate between Al Melvin and Pete Hershberger, the two Republican contenders for a state Senate seat.

I was most impressed by the large turnout. I recognized a few people but no one recognized me as I was sitting in the last row.

Hershberger spoke first for 10 minutes and did an excellent job of listing his accomplishments as a member of the state legislature. He took only one modest swing at Melvin, labeling him extreme and giving a brief example of what he meant. In contrast, Melvin spent a good amount of his 10 minutes attacking Hershberger’s record, unfairly, I thought. It was clear that Hershberger easily won the debate.

Melvin thanked Fred McKenzie for the hard work he did in trying to obtain enough signatures to place the Arizona Tax Revolt issues on the ballot. The group failed by 53,000 signatures. I am pleased to say I led the fight locally against the tax revolt.

Then Melvin put his foot in his mouth by stating it was a shame so many people living in SaddleBrooke, Oro Valley and Sun City had to sell their homes and move because of high property taxes. I almost jumped out of my seat and yelled: “Not true, not true, not true.” I have done research on this issue, speaking to several Republicans who have made the same claim. I have asked for a name or an address of anyone who has moved because of high property taxes. All I get is a blank stare.

So, Al, I publicly challenge you to prove what you say by giving us the names and or addresses of people who had to sell their homes and move because of high property taxes. My judgment is you cannot do it, so knock it off.

Jim Brademas


Don’t cut funds for GOVAC; increase them

I’d like to respond to the letter Irma Sankman wrote July 9th, “Oro Valley Must Support The Arts.”

I totally agree with her message to the Oro Valley council not to cut any of the funds supporting GOVAC; in fact, increasing them is a good idea. In 1995, when I lived in Oro Valley, I responded to a request for people who were interested in the arts in Oro Valley, to meet and have a discussion with members of the Oro Valley Arts Advisory Board. Dick Eggerding was the chairman — he had a dream and a vision — and that was to bring ‘The Arts’ to Oro Valley.

Thirteen years later, we all know, appreciate and have the benefit of all the art and music festivals during these many years since that informal meeting in 1995. In the August issue of the Family Circle magazine, Oro Valley was named one of the “Best Ten Towns for Families. Is it possible that the arts, music festivals, scholarships for students and entertainment for its citizens had something to do with this prestigious recognition?

Art is part of our existence. It has been passed down from the caveman / cavewoman to us. It’s in our genes. GOVAC continues to explore new and creative avenues in art and music for the enjoyment of the citizens of Oro Valley. The council should continue to support the precious contributions that GOVAC has been providing for the past 11 years. There’s an old saying that, “If you want honey, you have to spend money. My message to the council is to “Keep the Honey Flowing.”

Richy Feinberg


Oracle traffic moves smoothly

Your article (on Oracle Road widening, The Explorer July 9) was informative and much appreciated. I just want to say I think they have done an excellent job of minimizing traffic issues, particularly during rush hours.

I commute to work at Oracle and Ina daily from SaddleBrooke, and honestly, was expecting delays and congestion, and was planning to take an alternate route. But that hasn’t happened. Traffic has moved very smoothly and I haven’t had to adjust my departure from home at all in order to arrive on time at my office.

I just want to say ‘Thank You’ to all who are responsible. Keep up the good work.

Pam Holder


For change and renewal, don’t vote for either

While I enjoyed reading the story about the July 2 debate between Al Melvin and Pete Hershberger, as well as Emil Franzi’s column about their contest, I hope your readers are thinking about the dire consequences of electing either candidate to represent District 26 in the Arizona State Senate.

The Legislature has long been run by a right-wing, Maricopa County “leadership” that lacks vision and a true understanding of the needs of this state. This is just a small list of the failings of the people currently running things in Phoenix:

While the current “leadership” backs private school vouchers, our public schools have been denied resources needed to cope with growth and change.

Pressing infrastructure needs are ignored or postponed, despite Arizona being the second fastest-growing state in the country.

Our state has more children without health insurance as a percentage of the total population than almost all the other 49 states.

Every year, the Legislature stays in session longer than they are supposed to because they fail to put together a budget by the deadline, probably because they spend an inordinate amount of time debating the ideological agenda of their myopic “leaders.”

I am frustrated and bewildered with the priorities put forth by the “leadership” of the Arizona Legislature. The only way for our state to make the changes we need is for their reign of error to end immediately. Unfortunately, both Melvin and Hershberger, because of their party affiliation, will vote to keep this motley crew in power. Thus, a substantive change in the Legislature’s values and focus will not be brought about by electing either man.

For those of us who yearn for change and renewal, another candidate has already emerged. We can vote for Cheryl Cage in November. Her experience as an aviation consultant, community activist, parent and grandparent has given her the tools she will need to represent District 26 with skill and care. I encourage everyone eager for a new direction in District 26 and the Arizona Legislature to support Cheryl Cage as our next state senator.

Rex Scott


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