Letters to the editor from the Aug. 6 issue

Candidate reiterates his position on marriage

In response to Lynne St. Angelo’s letter from July 30, and as a candidate to the Arizona House of Representatives, I want to again reiterate my position on marriage.

I am an ardent supporter of traditional marriage, and it is my strong personal conviction that marriage is between one man and one woman. If elected, I will do everything possible in my role as state representative to defend marriage as such in the Arizona State Legislature. I have stated my opinion on this from the very beginning of the campaign and I am determined to hold true to my beliefs.

Besides supporting traditional marriage, I also am a solid conservative and common sense candidate across the board. I strongly believe that the state of Arizona must cut extensive overhead costs throughout various state agencies so that our state may remain solvent without resorting to excessive bonding. I am opposed to the principle of “borrow and spend” government, as I believe it is very unfair to pass on the costs of our government services now to our children and grandchildren.

I want my son to live in a society that is prosperous and free of overly powerful government. This future can be achieved by focusing on fixing our budget crisis, increasing teacher’s salaries so they are competitive, and building a robust low-tax environment for business. Additionally I support strong measures against illegal immigration and believe our property tax system desperately needs to be reformed so that we may all enjoy greater prosperity.

Thank you Lynne for your letter, I greatly appreciate being able to answer any and all questions of everyone in Legislative District 26.

Vic Williams

Candidate for state representative


From what does marriage need protection?

In her letter, Lynne St Angelo says we need to amend our state constitution to “protect marriage.” From what does it need to be protected?

Equal rights for our gay and lesbian neighbors is no threat to our marriages. Straight couples are still married in Massachusetts and California.

Amending our Constitution should only be done to ensure equal rights for Arizona citizens, not to deny them. The people of Arizona said no to this type of discrimination in 2006. No means no.

We have been married for 28 years. We find it incredible that gay and lesbian Arizonans and their families could be considered second class. It is 2008. It is time to get past the prejudice that people who are different than we are are less valuable than we are.

Ray and Kathy Green


In SD 26 race, ‘lies’ are getting bigger, brighter

The lies are getting bigger and brighter. Imagine my surprise when driving home from church Sunday seeing huge yellow signs telling total lies about Pete Hershberger’s voting record. Someone who was one of only two Republicans to vote to increase property taxes by $250 million having the nerve to claim he is keeping taxes lower.

Voting the largest property tax increase isn’t keeping taxes lower. Duh.

Or how about the sign that claims ‘securing the border’ from a man who voted against supporting local police in arresting illegal aliens and voted against photo IDs to register to vote. These votes can’t help in securing the border. Even worse is his voting record to allow benefits for illegals, which will increase the flow of illegals across our border and raise taxes through more state debt.

I guess if I had a voting record as bad as Pete Hershberger’s, I might resort to telling big lies on big signs, too. These signs are bought and paid for by Democratic Party front groups based in Phoenix and Maricopa County. As per the Sec. of  State’s website regarding candidate financing, Hershberger’s and his campaign are bought and paid for by PAVCs and lobbyists in Phoenix and Maricopa County.

For me, I will vote for the man who really is for lower taxes, securing our border, and protecting Arizona, Al Melvin.

Geri Ottoboni-Gilmore

Oro Valley

Why should OV adopt desert conservation plan?

Regarding the possibility of the Oro Valley Town Council voting to adopt Pima County’s Sonoran Desert Conservation Plan on August 6, we are wondering why such a vote is even necessary if as Mayor Paul Loomis says: “The town has accepted and supported the plan since it was first written and adopted.”

Is there any reason that Oro Valley has to formally adopt the plan in order to follow it?  What is particularly worrying is that the mayor goes on to say that: “There are elements in there (the plan, presumably) that may significantly impact how we do business.” He goes on to say that the county wouldn’t have to notify the town if elements of the plan are changed. In such a case the town could find itself in violation of the plan without realizing as much. “There’s going to be some unforeseen consequences,” Loomis said.

About that time in reading the article, my husband and I are asking ourselves in what manner will this plan significantly impact how Oro Valley does business? We are also asking ourselves what advantage there is in Oro Valley’s formal adoption of the plan if the town is not privy to changes in the plan? Then finally, what are the unforeseen consequences of being in violation of the plan? Are we to conclude that fines are possible? Of course, that would not be a problem to the Mayor and certain council members who can’t seem to give Oro Valley’s money away fast enough.

Virgil and Muriel Gerdes

Oro Valley

Why’d you hide the story about TIME initiative?

Re: TIME article.

Why did you hide this on page 5? Because it calls for a tax increase?

I suppose we now know where your advocacy lies. Every new tax impacts me as a handicapped person living on a limited income.

You people just don’t get it. We can’t take any more. Even 1 percent, let alone this increase of 17.8 percent in state taxes.

Forget the advantage to Rio Nuevo. The city has already shown it can’t administer the project – wasted untold amounts of money, and we have nothing to show for it. Add to that the tainted passage of the RTA election.

Tom Schuetz


Hershberger is beyond a moderate

The recent issue of The Explorer included extensive coverage of Arizona Senate candidate Pete Hershberger, and frequent affirmations of his moderate identity. I beg to differ. His voting record clearly indicates that he is a liberal, not a moderate.

I researched recent votes of Pete Hershberger in his present role as a member of the Arizona House of  Representatives representing LD 26. In reviewing 17 bills, I learned that 14 of his votes were not on the side of life or family values, but rather they were supportive of the views of our liberal Democrat governor and the agenda of Planned Parenthood. They were also remarkably in sync with the votes of Democrat Nancy Young-Wright, hardly a moderate.

Do your own research … check out www.azpolicy.org/legislation.php. The bills and the recorded votes are there for you to see. I think you will agree that Rep. Hershberger is a solid liberal, not a moderate. We can expect the pattern to continue if he becomes a state senator. That is why I am supporting Al Melvin, a true conservative with life and family value views, and not one to support the agenda of our liberal governor.

Warren Braun

Oro Valley

Why only the negative pictures of Bush’s visit?

I am a subscriber to The Explorer, and feel that I would be remiss if I didn’t write and tell you how disappointed I was when I read the article you wrote regarding the recent visit of President Bush.

I cannot believe that you published only negative pictures where (had you taken the time) if you had been at the corner of Pima and Ina you could have focused on more positive signs and cheers. I was there, and I am so happy that the President’s motorcade only went to 1st Avenue. All of those idiots on the corner of Ina and Oracle were standing there for nothing.

I hope this isn’t a pattern that will continue. We have enough political lies and baloney shoved down our throats by the media every day.


Carol J. Thomas


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