Has this ever happened to you? I ordered a large coffee and was told the eatery only served small and medium sized drinks. Same thing when I ordered a pizza one day. No large pies, only small and medium. Huh? Sneers to the people who don’t grasp the concept that you cannot have a medium without a large and a small. (Wasn’t that an episode of “Seinfeld”?)

Cheers to a company that is doing something oh so right. Through April 10, Cox Communications is providing free calls to Japan for all of its residential Cox Digital Telephone customers who have Cox Long Distance and its Cox Wireless customers. Telephone calls to Japan (country code 81), made to both landline and cellular telephones, are included in this free calling program. Cox created the program after last month’s devastating earthquake. Cox even extended the offer from March 31 to April 10. As someone who has a nephew stationed overseas, I say thanks and cheers to Cox,

Sneers to whoever is passing out tampered dog treats at area dog parks, if that is the case. I received an email whose contents we have not yet been able to verify, but it bears mention because people should always be cautious of strangers bearing gifts. The email detailed a girl taking her dog to a dog park, where a  “nice-looking man wearing a Pima Air and Space Museum uniform (was) passing out treats to the dogs.” The dog owner allowed her dog to eat the treat, and it later become very ill. The email sender said she had heard of other similar incidents.

As I said, we don’t know if this particular instance is true yet. It may be an email scam. But do think twice before allowing your pet to accept any treat from a stranger.

Cheers to the town of Oro Valley for clarifying information about the funding for its Dine Oro Valley campaign. OV Economic Development Manager Amanda Jacobs told me that councilmembers will personally pay for their own meals when attending the monthly gatherings that highlight a local eatery, which is chosen at random. The economic development funds dedicated to the program and reported in last week’s paper will be used only to advertise the program. We’ll keep you posted about the next Dine OV event. 

Cheers to Northwest Tucson for all the remarkable events that are going on. (Sneers to anyone who says they’re bored!) There are ballgames and art festivals and plays and expos. So many fun ad inexpensive ways to pass these gorgeous spring days.

And here are two more activities you can do for free, thanks to The Explorer. First, we’re giving given away two family four-packs of tickets to see Sesame Street Live April 26-27 at the Tucson Convention Center. Deadline for entries is April 8, so turn to page 8 of today’s paper or visit our website at www.explorernews.com for all the details. Remember – entries must be received by this Friday, April 8.

Second, we’re also giving away tickets to Tucson Padres games. All you have to do is answer a baseball trivia question. We’ll draw a winner at random from among the correct answers. See page 35 of today’s paper to enter.

Have a great week!

— Wendy Miller

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