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June 12, a glorious Saturday in Tucson's usual June heat

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Posted: Tuesday, June 22, 2010 11:00 pm

Saturday, June 12, 2010, was like a diamond in a sea of rhinestone knockoffs.

As I was crawling through yet another Tucson June, with l00 degree or more temps six days in a row, it was only thoughts of mid-October that kept my wilting self going. Then I heard on the Tuesday evening news that we were headed for a "cold snap" by Saturday, with lows in the 60s and highs in the mid to upper 80s — unbelievable! How this came to pass, I had no idea — only my meteorologist knows for sure. But one thing I do know: the timing couldn't have been better.

If such a day were forecast for early November, we would greet the news with a yawn and blasé thoughts of just another day in paradise. But the fact that it was gifted to us close to mid-June (traditionally known as the hottest month of the year around here) made it the more precious, akin to the prodigal son who unexpectedly returns home, if only for a day.

As I think back to that magical 24 hours, not only the stars, but the sun, sky and cumulus clouds all lined up to create a memorable day for me in all respects. I rose about 6 a.m. to a crisp nip in the air. It was the ideal time of day for a dip in the pool, still partially shaded by an overhang. The cool air, desert breezes, even a peek at the mountains if I jumped high enough in that refreshingly cold water – it all brought me back to life.

I left the pool invigorated and decided to make a call to the Golden Goose Thrift Store in Catalina, hoping to snag a small TV on sale. Diane, the helpful volunteer at The Goose (as it's called by regulars) informed me that they had five or six small TVs, but no, they were not on sale. Oh, well, you can't win 'em all. I decided to check out those TVs anyway. Just as I was leaving the house, the phone rang. Volunteer Diane informed me that management had just decided to discount all TVs 50 percent.

The drive up to the Goose was another treat for the senses. No need for A/C that morning as I made my way up to Catalina. As Arthur, another volunteer at The Goose, said with pride, "at 3,100 feet, we're always several degrees cooler than Tucson." Those are big-time bragging rights, especially this time of year.

Driving back to town, I decided to get my car, Honey Bunny, washed. As I checked over the freshly washed car, I noticed a long vertical scratch on the back fender. But even that little crimp in my day turned out to have its "lemonade" component.

Going directly from the carwash to the dealer, I bought a little vial of touch-up paint. Mike, the service manager, spent l5 minutes or more in a squatting position, meticulously applying tiny dots of paint to that scratch. Fait accompli. That great weather seemed to be bringing out the best in everybody.

Later, I stopped for a light bite at one of my favorite cafes, Acacia Marketplace, and was able to snag one of only three tables on their covered patio. It's a delightful corner with crosswinds and a view of the passing parade.  Just about everyone who went by greeted me. One lady even complimented my earrings and wished me a nice day. I'm convinced the weather was a catalyst for those friendly interchanges.

Only one little challenge remained: how would I get the new TV into the house? Shortly after my arrival home, a neighbor's brother graciously offered to bring it right into the living room.

Somehow this little jewel of a day brought me not only the coolest high I've experienced for June 12th since moving here over 30 years ago, but a cascade of warm fuzzies. For one glorious Saturday in June, I didn't spend time daydreaming about a quick getaway to San Diego.

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