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Occupy Tucson doesn’t occupy a point

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  • jdaz78 posted at 3:28 pm on Tue, Dec 20, 2011.

    jdaz78 Posts: 2

    Lack of a message, mis-guided anger, politicians tripping over themselves at the beginning to be involved, ACORN involvement, etc.

    All reasons the whole OWS thing is really a joke. They say they represent the 99%, unfortunately they represent the 1%.

    How do you define economic fairness?
    Who decides how much more some people should pay in taxes?
    Isn't "fairness" ensuring that everyone then pays taxes? Why direct your anger at Wall Street? Why not the politicians who put the rules in place that the Wall Street folks play by? (Shoot the person making the bribe or the one taking it?)

    At least the Tea Party had a message that they rallied behind. Agree with them or not, you know what they stand for.

  • Don posted at 6:45 am on Sat, Dec 10, 2011.

    Don Posts: 70

    I am far more impressed with the well presented article than the band of nomadic characters illegally camping in Tucson or whereever. It's nothing more than another fad that is and will continue to fade into clutter.

    Economic fairness is found at the end of a successful hunt for a job, not in some tent.

  • Travaler posted at 1:33 am on Fri, Dec 9, 2011.

    Travaler Posts: 1

    I went to one of the Tucson OWS planing deminstrations, as well as some of the tea party events and honestly i didnt see much planing for what they want to do from either one.

    I dont think they really need a clear and defined platform at first, as long as they are there working and defining what their goals are. At the down town demanstration the tucson Libertarain VP got shouted down and so did s demacrat offfical. and ive seen that happen nation wide.

    i dont feel its too constructive to the overall gathering of ideals for a better union.

  • Bob Voso posted at 11:15 am on Thu, Dec 8, 2011.

    Bob Voso Posts: 1

    When the majority of a society senses that the status quo is unjust and dehumanizing, and that it is immoral to help people adjust to it, you will have change.

    Parties which are interested in maintaining the status quo, which have a stake in oppression and exploitation, will naturally try to find ways to denigrate or mock the movement.

    It is not subversive to comment on or act on the social and economic conditions that shape people’s lives.

    When oppressive authorities react violently to peaceful resistance, their violence validates their illegitimacy. Resistance to these authorities becomes more determined and actually energizes the opposition.

    The Occupy movement is a demand for economic fairness—a frightening prospect for the elite or their lackeys. The human need for fairness, social justice, freedom, and autonomy are universal. Anyone who would deny this is in denial of their own situation.

  • JamVee posted at 6:46 am on Wed, Dec 7, 2011.

    JamVee Posts: 9

    The OWS movement objects to the "1 Percenters". Well, approx. 1% of the protesters have a reasonable, and well thought out, cause to represent. The rest of them seem to be there in order to attend the biggest "Tailgater Party" ever. For them, it's a social event, like camping out in Target's parking lot half the night, waiting for the doors to open for the Black Friday "Event".


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