Mr. Safier's column again demonstrates that it is people like him who believe in pseudo-science when climate change is concerned.

Scientific method requires experiments be replicated before they before a theory can be established. Newton's gravity is a case in point (think of it … an apple …but it works)

In the case of global warming, or rather the lack of it, the following should be considered:

The earth has been cooling for the past 10 years. This has been demonstrated by tree ring analysis, which has now been discarded (i.e. eliminated as not fitting the model) in order to support global warming.

Satellite temperature measurements show that the earth has been cooling in the past 120 years. These are far more accurate than land weather stations. After visiting the 1,200 or so measurement stations over the U.S., a watch group has found that more than 800 have been placed in the wrong places (near A/C exhausts, asphalt parking lots…) which biases the temperature data upward.

Unfortunately, we are now learning that prestigious scientists (are they?) are massaging the data with tricks (how scientific!!) to make it fit their politically correct concept of global warming. On the other hand, top scientists (Austin, Happer, Singer, Cohen, Lewis, Gould, Lindzen) from Princeton, the University of Virginia, UC Santa Barbara, and MIT have sent a letter to the Congress of the United States in which they point out that "science is guided by proof, not consensus".

Consensus is forced by such luminaries as John Holdren of Woods Hole, who predicted "an almost certain" thermonuclear was or eco-catastrophe by the year 2000. Their evidence is fabricated. In "Climate Change Reconsidered: The 2009 Report of the Nongovernmental International Panel on Climate Change," co-authors Dr. S. Fred Singer and Dr. Craig Idso and 35 contributors cite thousands of peer-reviewed research papers and books that were ignored by the International Panel on Climate Change.

The earth's climate is controlled by sunspot energy, not by CO2. At the latest meeting of the Astrophysicists Union, great concern was expressed at the lack of sunspots in 2008, which implies a cooling trend for the earth (remember the 1973 New York Times article proclaiming a global ice age?). Ice age cooling and interglacial warming periods are well known in the geological record. Unfortunately, they last for periods of thousands of years. Man, apparently, is impatient and, in its hurry must invent scientifically unfounded theories.

If Mr. Safier suggests that the developed nations should change their wasteful habits (water, energy, gas-guzzling cars), then I support his views. But please spare us the "conspiracy" theory on anti-global warming. One could easily suggest a "global warming conspiracy," in which some people are getting very rich as intermediaries (Al Gore, perhaps?) in the carbon trading business.


Ihor A. Kunasz, Ph.D., is a retired geologist living in Oro Valley.


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