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Posted: Wednesday, February 4, 2009 12:00 am

Letters to the editor that appeared in the Feb. 4 issue of The Explorer

Local lists of stimulus work are ‘appalling’

I was appalled by the list of projects our communities have earmarked for funding by the current stimulus package.

I am an Oro Valley resident and was stunned see that the first project listed for our community is the Naranja Town Park. Last November, Oro Valley residents sent a clear message by casting a no vote on this project.

We live in a beautiful and vibrant community. Most of us already enjoy the many parks, bike paths, and other terrific outdoor recreational resources, which are nearby and readily available. Any funds our communities may receive as a result of the stimulus package should be applied to resources that we don’t have … such as an effective municipal transit system, or our municipal vehicles (school buses, refuse, police and city) running on clean domestic fuels like CNG.

It’s time for our elected officials to demonstrate an understanding of the ramifications of the current state of our economy and appropriate use of scare resources. Now is the time to reveal genuine leadership that will give rise to a direction that will carry our communities into a sustainable, independent, and financially responsible era.

Keath Beifus

Oro Valley

Education diatribe devoid of any facts

Mr. Franzi’s column lambasting higher education institutions, and especially the University of Arizona, is nothing more than a diatribe totally devoid of any facts or other information to support his conclusions.

Woe to us all if “the financially conservative Republicans” to whom he alludes — and who control the state legislature — are making funding decisions on this same mix of unsubstantiated perceptions and outright bias that Mr. Franzi exhibits.

Bob Harris

Oro Valley

Adding to the Obama list …

Adding to Helen Keilman’s limited list of egregious actions by the Obama administration:

Tom Daschle as HHS secretary. His back tax bill indicates either total stupidity, or else contempt for our tax laws and a sense that he is above the law.

Eric Holder as AG. Holder … was the one who wrote the legal opinion that forbade the FBI and CIA to communicate on terrorism in the late 1990s.

Janet Napolitano as Homeland Security secretary. While I am thrilled she is gone from AZ, her record on border issues is horrid. She is clearly pro-illegal immigration and is an open border advocate.

Closing Gitmo. There is no better place to hold terrorists before they are disposed of. Closing Gitmo sends absolutely the wrong message to the terror community.

Requiring that all terrorists be treated per the Army field manual. Why even capture them? These animals will have no reason to talk.

Repealing every anti-terror measure put in place by former President Bush. These measures have kept this country safe. President Obama has just put a big bulls eye on the US and endangered the lives of every American. He is the poster child for Democrats’ softness on security.

Economic stimulus package. That radical give-away program is anything but an economic stimulus package. It is a massive payoff to radical left wing extremist groups. The radical environmental items, the radical social engineering, massive earmarks and other pork barrel projects, all of the other payoffs are anything but economic stimulus.

It is amazing that the Obama administration was crowned less then three weeks ago, and the list of their egregious actions is already enormous growing daily. The mainstream media will never tell us the truth about the Obama administration and the Democrats.

What the readers of this community need is someone in this area to cull the various websites and news sites and regularly detail for us the truth about the Obama administration and the Democrats.

Rick Cunnington

Oro Valley

This letter was edited – Ed.

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