Letters published in the March 4 edition of The Explorer.

Franzi’s right; opera was at best ‘mediocre’

I’ve been waiting for something Emil Franzi writes that I can agree with. His column on AZ Opera was right on.

I am enclosing an e-mail I recently sent to AZ Opera after Don Giovanni. …

Usually I provide feedback only when I had a great music experience. This time the AZ Opera production of Don Giovanni causes me to write a very critical note.

I was ready to leave at intermission. Perhaps I had a bad night, but the fact that a lot of other people did not return after intermission indicates others were dissatisfied. My principal complaint is with the stage sets, not the singers. The sets made the performance a real bad music event, quite in contrast to the last operas I saw in here, La Traviata and Rigoletto.

It is difficult enough to follow the story in Don Giovanni, but the stage design and costumes made it more confusing. I wonder what stage designers have on their minds — or had in their beverage — when they design really dark sets and dress the performers mostly in dark clothing. It was dark enough that at times the supra titles were blindingly bright and dominating the view towards the stage, and the beam from the projectors cast an eerie glow over the audience.

What was the significance of the repeated lighting changes during several — basically “static” — scenes?

Moving these silly towers around during the show was weird and reminiscent of high school drama shows — but it saved time and thus shortened the negative experience watching this production. Thanks. Moving a couple scenes in front of the curtain while scene changes were made behind also shortened the ordeal – it was appreciated.

I feel bad for the soloists having been put in a pretty lousy production like that.

This performance was mediocre at best. No surprise then that a large portion of the audience did not return after intermission.

AZ Opera must improve their standards. We have the Met at the Movies now.

Yes, I enjoy dressing up once in a while — but in a crappy music hall with a lousy entry hall and overall non-existent ‘ambiente’ and on top of it all a mediocre production? What is the incentive?

I hope to see more enjoyable productions in the future.

Karl Schreiber, Oro Valley

Marana council incumbents get voter’s nod

What a great event! The Accenture Match Play Championship is a feather in Marana’s cap.

Our town leadership has the can-do attitude that Pima County and Tucson’s leadership lacks. Can you imagine the Tucson City Council creating an economic atmosphere that is inviting to the PGA to bring in business activity?

Pima County and Tucson’s leadership have squandered Rio Nuevo, they’ve lost Major League Baseball teams (due to poor planning) and they may lose the Gem Show. Because of their lack of leadership, Tucson and Pima County are difficult places to do business.

Do we really want them influencing our upcoming town council elections? We need our leaders to be independent from those career politicians and bureaucrats.

Our council members have successfully fought FEMA, they’ve worked for independence from those career politicians in Pima County. Re-elect the incumbents this year, and stay away from any candidate that has endorsements from those Pima County and Tucson City career politicians. We need council members that will work for us Maranans, not for those career inept politicians.

Tom Dunn, Marana

Let’s be patriots first, put nation back together

It has come to my attention on a number of occasions, that some people seems to feel that the President and the Democrats are responsible for the huge national debt we have. How short some memories are.

This wonderful country is about to be bankrupt, because of a war founded on lies and the deregulation of so many industries. This all happened on the watch of President Bush and Vice President Cheney. Anyone who thinks that is not so better start being honest with themselves.

Enough already. Let’s get on with the business of putting our country back together. Let’s be Americans first.

Pat Kinsman, Oro Valley

Taxes aren’t an ‘option;’ OV ought to kill this one

Mr. Perry,

One might assume you don’t live in Oro Valley since you think the current, and up for renewal, utility tax is “optional” for the payers. I don’t recall seeing an option to pay the tax or not on my monthly bill. In fact, is there any tax that is “optional?” If this, or any other tax were “optional,” how often do you think it would be paid?

While it may be at the “option” of the town council to levy this tax, we don’t have the “option” to not pay it. I hope the current council exercises their “option” to not renew this unneeded tax.

Jeff Jones, Oro Valley

The publisher / editor is an Oro Valley resident. – Ed.

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