Letters published in the Wednesday, Jan. 21, 2008, edition of The Explorer.

Key subjects of the Bush presidency

The books are almost closed on the administration of George W. Bush. He kept us safe after 9/11 but not before. Forever, his true legacy will be the following:

Lies. No WMD. Illegal Surveillance. Torture. Constitution violations. Plus the infamous monumental screw-ups and scandals of George W. Bush.

Saudi family connections. Pre-emptive attack policy. Iraq War. Cherry-picking intelligence. False Niger yellowcake threat. Smoking gun – mushroom cloud scare. C. Powell’s UN speech. No mobile chemical labs found. No weapons of mass destruction found. Slam dunk. Bring ‘em on boasting. Surplus oil revenues will pay for war. Democracy will spread theory. Road to peace goes through Baghdad. Lack of body armor. Unarmored Humvees. Not enough troops. Insurgency. Sectarian civil war. No understanding Sunni-Shiite history. Extended tours of duty. Tora Bora. Bin Laden not captured. Walter Reed Hospital. Abu Graib prison. Guantanamo. Dubai, U.S. port security scheme. 911 commission. Ahmad Chalabi lies believed.

Terry Schaivo. Outing Valerie Plame. Smearing ambassador Joe Wilson. Dick Cheney. I. “Scooter” Libby. Karl Rove. Paul Wolfowitz. Donald Rumsfeld. Harriet Miers. Bernie Kerik. Torture. Fake journalist Jeff Gannon. Jack Abramoff scandals. Katrina. FEMA: “Heck of a job, Brown.” Politicizing the Justice Department. Attorneys general firings. Alberto Gonzales. Pfc. Jessica Lynch award. Cpl. Pat Tillman cover-up. Blackwater / no rules mercenaries. Howard Krongard (State Department inspector general collusion).

FISA law ignored. Unwarranted wire taps and surveillances. Suspension of habeas corpus. Secret energy task force meetings. $120 barrel oil. $4 gallon gasoline. Medicare lie. No budget surplus. Huge deficits. Waterboarding. Destroying evidence taps. E-mail paper trail lost. Open borders.

Global warming. Altering science reports. Renditions. Redactions. Mission Accomplished. Bush sat for seven minutes after towers attack. 4125 U.S. armed forces dead. Lower military recruitment standards. Increased tours of duty. 190,000 weapons lost / unaccounted. Iraq - $14 billion cash missing. 29,000 wounded. No-bid contracts. Privatization. Deregulation. $700 billion Wall Street bailout. Corporate welfare. $1 trillion spent. Afghan-Taliban resurgence. From super power respect to world pariah. Violating treatings.

Thanks for the opportunity to express my opinion.

R. John Palozzi


Through tree recycling, club can aid 45 kids

It’s time for a big shout-out to residents of Oro Valley and Northwest Pima County for their support of the Christmas tree recycling lot that was located at Oro Valley’s Naranja Town Site.

Through the overwhelming generosity of residents, the Oro Valley Kiwanis Club was able to raise sufficient contributions to allow us to purchase new clothing for at least 45 underprivileged children before they return to school in August.

Even during difficult economic times, local residents have again demonstrated their support for this important program.

Thanks are also due the Oro Valley Parks and Recreation and Public Works departments for their cooperation in this effort. Through this combined public and non-profit partnership, everyone wins — the trees are disposed of properly, they’re ground into mulch which is available to the community for free, and dozens of youngsters receive new clothes — often for the first time in their lives. What could be better than that?

The Oro Valley Kiwanis Club meets for breakfast on Wednesdays at 6:45 a.m. at Resurrection Lutheran Church on North First Avenue. You’re invited to come to a meeting and to learn how the club puts your contributions to work.

Bob Kovitz, Past president

Oro Valley Kiwanis

Even Franzi can’t assassinate the governor’s character

Mr. Franzi’s comments about our departing Governor Janet are more than just a parting stab in the back. In true Republican media fashion, Mr. Franzi attempts a character assassination of our Governor.

How can such a nice looking man write such poison? He totally ignores all the facts; she was elected twice by Arizona voters. Since he could not dig up any scandals (as some elected Republican Governors have brought us) he chose to chastise her for allowing her employees a perk. Napolitano is such a class act, even he failed to Swift-boat her.

Governor Janet’s record speaks for itself. She was elected by other governors as chairman of the National Governors Association, and Time Magazine designated her one of the top five governors in the nation. The Democratic National Committee selected her to chair the platform committee. She will probably be on President Obama’s Cabinet.

I recommend readers Google-up the Democratic platform and see what a wonderful person Janet is. See what a powerful vision she has for our nation. Also, read her State of the State speech. She is a champion for education, especially the three R’s. Perhaps students will now learn how to keep their writing clean without the use of smut terms such as Mr. Franzi uses when he can’t express himself civilly (e.g. butt-kissing / slobbered-over.)

If she had a fault, it was her failure to recognize, along with 45 other governors, that a Republican administration (Franzi doesn’t want us to talk about President Bush) can start two recessions in a mere six years. If she had looked at the Fed economic data*, she would have noticed that every Republican administration since 1929 caused at least one recession.

Could there be flaws in the Republican unregulated, anti-tax, supply-side / trickle-down economic model?

Benjamin F. Love


* http://research.stlouisfed.org/fred2/series/GDP?cid=106

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