I quit carrying a wallet years ago on a visit to Italy, where the pickpockets are experts and profile Gringo Turistas. I keep cash in my front pants pocket and other stuff in my shirt. No one carries "papers" much anymore. We carry plastic.

Each morning I determine which plastic "papers" I'll need. Driver's license ā€“ for more than just driving. It's the universal identifier for transactions both public and private like airline travel, cashing a check, or buying a gun, although interestingly I wouldn't need it to buy a car. In my car there is registration and proof of insurance mandated by law but also part of common sense in case of an accident.

I then add my health insurance identifiers, my AAA card, a couple of debit cards, AMEX, and options depending on the day's schedule such as a Costco card or a Hertz #1. On election days I add my Voter ID Card. During the day I will be asked by several people from both the private and public sector to produce one of them.

We all carry "papers." We have for years. We cannot function without them short of living like Jeremiah Johnson in the deep forest. It is not the same as wearing a marker in Nazi Germany if you were Jewish, and to ignorantly compare it to that debases Holocaust victims.

When Eliot Ness and company hit Chicago back in the '20s, they didn't spend much time on guys named "Sven." As a descendant of Italian immigrants I am not offended. All cultures and ethnicities who immigrate bring some baggage with them and we do them no favor by pretending otherwise. We actually insult them by imagining they identify with those who break our laws, be it an Italian gang, a Caribbean drug cartel or other forms of illegal behavior such as "entry" and using fraudulent documents to cover it.

The hysteria over Arizona's recent immigration law tells us much about many of its opponents. Most simply do not like any law that further buttresses current federal immigration policy because pending enough votes in Congress to change it, they don't want it enforced.

Passing a state statute supplementing federal policy is hardly an act of nullification. Yet many of those claiming that a state has no right to do so simultaneously support allowing localities to engage in nullification through the creation of "sanctuary cities," something the Arizona law eliminates.

Know how to tell when the left is losing a policy debate? They revert to name-calling and attacking the motivation of their opponents. Oppose school overrides? You hate children and teachers and want everybody to be ignorant. Don't favor a sales tax increase? You're greedy and selfish. Want illegal immigration curtailed? You must be a racist.

For evidence check the morally superior and snot-impacted personal epithets found regularly on cable news, columns, letters and on-line comments from the left. Add the violent rock throwers we recently saw in Phoenix. Nothing illustrated the difference between present left and right better. After all that phony whining over nasty and divisive Tea Party folks, note that none of them ever hit a cop with a bottle.

Those who focus on hidden motivations are usually hiding their own. If every illegal alien here suddenly disappeared, as one lefty movie presented, so would at least 20 safe Democrat Congressional districts along with many state legislative seats. Voting by illegals isn't the main goal of big city Democrat bosses, more representatives are. Like the 3/5 clause in the original Constitution allowing slave states increased representation, places where illegals congregate get the same at full value on today's version of the old plantation.

Think about that next time some self-appointed phony "leader" claims "racism."

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