With less than three weeks to go until the election, as the Gilbert and Sullivan song goes “I have a little list – There’ll none of them be missed.” Most, not all, of these gross annoyances stem from the left.

Candidates who whine about wedge issues — The definition of a “wedge” issue is one outside the list of those a candidate wishes to address, and on which that candidate’s position runs contrary to the public will. It fraudulently claims illegitimacy for those who disagree with the complainants agenda rather than facing those other issues straight up.

Those who duck labels — Never trust anyone who refuses a label. We need more , not less. Very few can escape their general accuracy. Note when forced into it, most liberals duck the description but simultaneously label anyone to their right an “extremist.”

Conservatives, liberals, and others have been defining themselves for years. Those clarifications are useful not only when choosing candidates, but to the candidates when they have to govern. After winning, you need be something more than just the other person. Implementing a clear agenda you ran on helps a lot. Most candidates prefer keeping things muddy and then wonder why they fall on their fanny when they try to implement what they never explained.

Editors who keep printing really dumb letters — Once letters had to be literate. Now many are nothing more than partisan talking points. Others are allowed without comment to contain blatant errors in fact and add more dis-information. Letter pages once had quality controls. Anonymous blogs have made it worse. The swill circulating on those from everywhere downgrades us all.

A president who runs domestic policy like he’s a CEO and not a leader — Unlike Al Gore, George W. Bush finished grad school and actually has a Harvard MBA. Sad part is he takes it seriously and fails to grasp he’s supposed to lead and not just pick policy wonks. Those blaming him for supposed evil political machinations miss that he barely has any because he’s almost apolitical in his management style. This is a gigantic difference between he and McCain who hearkens back to TR, or Obama, who thinks like a partisan lawyer, which is even more frightening than an MBA.

Karl Rove is planning McCain’s campaign — If he was, McCain would be doing a lot better. Smear jobs against Rove from a battery of turd-throwing Democrat hacks who don’t even meet James Carville’s low standards are unconvincing. Rove is now as big a legend as Jesse James or Zapata, who were often reported to be robbing multiple trains in three different places at the same time. Like others the left dumps on, charges are long on invective but short on specifics.

Everybody goes to college — A pathologically egalitarian Democrat mantra Republicans seem afraid to refute. Expand all colleges to include four-year degrees in really good jobs that don’t require one? Plumbers? Electricians? A ton of other techies? Add more voodoo courses and hire more leftover ‘60s radicals like William Ayers? No bigger clue exists about who runs the nation’s higher education than this pay-off to the special interests in our university system, the most bloated and politically correct sacred cow since the Medieval Church in Spain. Everybody shouldn’t go to college! Too many do now. That’s why so many PhD’s in esoteric subjects work at Starbucks.

Pompous media interviewers — Forget Sarah, Charlie Gibson looked and acted like a jerk. And somebody should’ve told Tom Brokaw the debate wasn’t about his place in history. Shutting down the candidates for his closing statement indicates how badly MSM has declined.

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