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Posted: Wednesday, January 28, 2009 12:00 am

Letters published in the Jan. 28 edition.

The OV ‘crown jewel’ concept has been beaten

Your editorial of Jan. 21, 2009 urges Oro Valley tax payers to “… make Naranja the central crown jewel of Oro Valley and Northwest living.”

Tax-paying residents just voted such a concept down.

I believe residents will pay for a park that is scaled to the needs of this community of 40,000, but will not vote to tax themselves to pay for a grand design intended to serve a non-tax-paying population outside Oro Valley.

Bill Peacock

Oro Valley

Enough Bush bashing; start the Obama list

I just finished reading the 1/21 copy of the Explorer and am very disappointed that you are still printing Bush-bashing letters. Enough already.

I know these Bush haters are going through withdrawal from there hate addiction, but please let them find another outlet for their detox. I find it hard to believe that you gave R. John Palozzi so much space for his ranting.

I sure hope he is starting on his “legacy list” for Mr. Obama. But he’s probably not aware of all the items he could already have listed since he obviously gets his news from the nationwide daily Obama news outlets which conveniently print and air only praiseworthy information about our new “junior senator” turned “junior president”.

Here are a few things Mr. Palozzi can start his new list with: Jeremiah Wright, William Ayers, the corrupt Chicago political machine, Rod Blagojevich, Rahm Emanuel, income redistribution, $110 million spent on lavish inauguration (which the press ignored, of course, while they railed against Mr. Bush spending half that four years ago), Timothy Geithner, Obama’s no-show voting record in the Senate, protecting our enemies but not our unborn babies.

There should be plenty to add to the list during the next four years, but the information won’t be found in the liberal media.


Helen Keilman

Oro Valley

Where’s reporting on cost of this inauguration?

The “Mainstream Media” has been completely silent about the excessive cost of the Jan. 20 activities. Four years ago, they screamed “needless extravagance” for the $40 million spent for those inauguration events. This year’s cost will be three to four times that amount, all without criticism.

Could this be because they did not consider this an inauguration but rather a coronation and anointment?

Tom Vana


Ignorance, bias and a disregard for the truth

The Explorer’s lead story under the We Say heading laments the demise of the Tucson Citizen because of “the dramatic changes in our industry and the challenging economy”, according to Tucson Newspapers Inc., CEO Mike Jameson.

Your readers should know that Tucson Newspapers Inc. is the entity formed to consolidate the printing and distribution of both the Citizen and the Arizona Star. Their editorial policies were to remain independent. Over time the editorial content of the papers became less dramatically “different.” This added to the fact that an evening paper has been proven to be less attractive to readers than a morning edition left the Citizen vulnerable.

You end your column by stating, “We plan to be here, and to be of service to the communities of Northwest Tucson, well into the future. After reading the You Say letters you chose to print, I wouldn’t bet on it. These letters by R. John Palozzi and Benjamin Love, coupled with the recurring column by Dave Safier, display ignorance, bias and a remarkable disregard for truth.

Each of us are entitled to our opinions, but truth can not be ignored. We do so at our peril.


Boris Baird


The clarion call of the fevered left

Sounding the clarion call of the fevered left, Mr. R. John Palozzi attempts with sound bites to denigrate and pillory an honorable and ethically grounded former President Bush.

Since becoming unhinged at the end of the amoral Clinton Administration, Mr. Palozzi and his ilk have brandished their contempt for a strong, moral leader, George W. Bush, in their characteristic delirium.

Of course the left quivered when President Bush stared down the offending Chinese who forced down a U.S. Navy surveillance aircraft in 2001, and they ever so meekly cheered on the President and the U.S. military from their hidey-holes to get Al-Qaeda post 9/11. But shortly after the boogeyman had been scared away from their windows, Mr. Palozzi / Pelosi / Reid / Kerry / Durbin / Murtha and lest we forget Cindy Sheehan suddenly found their voices again.

Now returning to social engineering, welfare state creationism, liberal judicial activism, eugenics, and groveling at the heels of European elites, the left and Mr. Palozzi have their talking points down pat.

Yes, President Bush put American commitment and courage back in the forefront, and Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Feith, Franks, Patreaus, Maddis, Conway and countless Marines, soldiers, sailors, airmen, Iraqis, Afghanis, American and foreign contractors freed 50 million people. Evil still lurks, but good men don’t shy away.

As for your keening wails over the loss of our heroic fighting men and women, your voice rings hollow, they choose to serve proudly and fight to the end next to their brothers and sisters. Do you cry so loudly for the more than 4,000 lives taken daily in abortion for convenience here in the U.S.?

Thank heaven for President Bush’s appointment of Justices Alito and Roberts and the abolition of human cloning and destructive embryonic stem cell research. Don’t expect to improve your life at the expense of another’s. As for deficits, thank Barney Frank, James Johnson, and Franklin Raines for culpability in destroying Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

Thankfully, President Bush’s history won’t be written by you and yours. It is already written by the innumerable lives left better after his eight years in office. Pay your bills, invest wisely, and lend a hand to someone in need, but don’t demand the government cradle you your whole life.

Keith Smith


Oro Valley

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