I normally don’t tell folks how to vote in an election I can’t vote in myself, except in Tucson and Oro Valley. You stick your nose in my back yard, I shoot back.

I vote in GOP primaries so I don’t often involve myself with Democrat picks — that’s their business. Open primaries and independents voting in them is something I find totally wrong. It has further reduced the role of political parties in our system and augmented the process of replacing them with stronger lobbyists, bureaucracies and academic policy wonks.

Supervisor, District 1 — Ann Day

I like Joe Higgins. Unfortunately the business folks who put him up to running know even less about Pima County government than the mainstream media reporting it. Joe’s original website was in some places incoherent. He advocated for both current and past governments in Marana and Oro Valley in their disputes with the county. Most District 1 voters don’t live in Marana or OV and don’t want to. Along with voters in those towns who didn’t support their leaders, obliquely defending their policies doesn’t garner many votes. Beside, counties should be in conflict with cities — and states, too. That’s America.

Higgins’ biggest blunder is attacking high taxes when he’s running against someone who voted against the current budget and is supported by taxpayer groups for a record of taxpayer advocacy. He also supports the Augusta Mining operation, which Day doesn’t. His pointing to poorly maintained roads might score some points.

Full disclosure — I am personally and politically close to Supervisor Ray Carroll and GOP National Committeeman Bruce Ash, both of whom are supporting Day.

Day can be exasperating but Higgins is often unclear. Edge to Day.

State Senate, District 26 — Al Melvin

More full disclosure — two years ago, I voted for Toni Hellon when Al beat her in that primary for the same office. Toni had an A rating from the NRA, Hershberger has bounced between D and F.

I’ve gotten to know Al and I like him. Phony charges that he’s an “extremist” from the Hershberger camp are echoed by Cheryl Cage, the Democrat seeking the seat. I will happily discuss later the issues where I find her to be the extremist.

Hershberger’s people claim, as liberal Republicans often do, that they are better equipped to win the general election. Most political history indicates otherwise. As the late Senator Eugene McCarthy said of liberal Republicans, “We use them to shoot the wounded.” The first time the constituencies Hershberger cozies to get a chance for a competent Democrat, they’ll dump him.

House — Trent Humphries

Trent has the best grasp of both state government and the issues in general. His mini-town halls on health care and his pointing to the need for more doctors indicate he won’t wait for the issues to find him.

Both Marilyn Zerull and Vic Williams are reasonable candidates. Zerull is clearly the more conservative if that’s your deciding factor, but Vic isn’t exactly a screaming pinko. As I do not vote at home but wait until election day, I’ve got time to choose.

Congressional District 7

Not my turf, but perennial pariah Joe Sweeney is again spreading his racist bilge and deserves defeat in the GOP primary he sometimes wins. Republicans currently represented by Raul Grijalva need vote for Gene Chewning, a decent and honorable man.

“Racist” is an over-used an often inaccurate pejorative. Sweeney once called Inside Track and opined that “A wetback is just an apprentice Jew.” That enough? The district runs from Avondale to Yuma through Tucson’s south and west. Know anybody there, ask them to help flush this genuine bigot.

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