• Apologies to the Scots for my recent comments. My oldest daughter's mother-in-law hails from the Isle of Skye and notes the "compassionate release" of the Lockerbie bomber was just the cover story as admitted by the shabby leaders of the current Brit government. Local Scot officials were used by their English owners to facilitate an oil deal with Libya.

She also notes the sham that Scotland has any real independence. The phony "devolution" they have undergone more closely resembles student government. Locals get to make decisions like how much are the parking fines, while the real power stays in London.

The Scots are as livid over this legal travesty as us. Those still claiming the perp was framed should note that Libyans did not celebrate his release because he was innocent — they were proud of his act. Single malt is back on. I hoist one to the Scots who deserve genuine self-determination.

• Another simple question for the "warm earthers" who cravenly refuse to discuss or justify their usually grant-funded claims about climate change, which mostly build more computer models that validate the conclusions already reached by the source of the grants. Checking readily available stats from NASA, please explain why other planets such as Jupiter and Mars have had recent increases in average temperatures higher than ours. That caused by all them SUVs they drive there?

• Bernie Goldberg believes that after the fiasco of the ACORN disclosures, we need to quit calling the establishment media "mainstream." Follow the dots. Two kids with a cell-phone camera and a $1,300 budget move both houses of Congress to jerk the funding of a corrupt, taxpayer-funded national private organization with an expose that the three old-line networks, their cable affiliates and the major daily papers ignored or were oblivious to. Fox, the internet, and talk radio weren't.

Bernie's point is simple. You can no longer call the in-bred, groupthink liberal suck-ups at the once-relevant major news outlets "the mainstream" by definition. The vacuum they've left is so big that those two kids took it over, giving us an expose we once regularly got from outfits like "60 Minutes." Bernie's not sure what name best fits "old" media. I'll use "establishment" until I get a better one.

• Loose charges of racism accrue to real racists. Yes, there are racists who dislike President Obama for that reason alone. And those who define opposition to his programs as "racist" give them aid and comfort by including the rest of us with them. That gives the real racists more camouflage, and in doing so help perpetuate the very evil that those loosely throwing around the term claim to abhor. The Jimmy Carters and Maureen Dowds have established a symbiotic relationship with racism by fraudulently increasing its ranks, thereby encouraging more real racism.

• I'm thoroughly fed up with the blatant hypocrisy shown by a host of liberals suddenly concerned with the "lack of civility" in our political discourse. Where were you the past eight years, when every wretched little turd-thrower from Keith Olberman to the haters on Air America were trashing Bush and Cheney at a level far beyond some citizen yelling at his lardbutt Congressman? May I refresh your memories with that great piece of cinema called "The Death of a President?" I recall few on the left showing concern to the vile personal attacks, including death threats. Lefty scum violently demonstrating were just "speaking truth to power."

One can test your genuine concern by your attitude to that great example of political truth and civility — going to hit the latest Michael Moore movie?

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