This is a critical election and there are major differences between my opponent and me. Essentially, her positions are too extreme for our district and our state, while I prefer commonsense solutions to the problems we face.

Ms. Cage would raise taxes on sales, property, even golf carts. Of course, when she started taking heat for wanting a new tax on golf carts, she stopped talking about it and scrubbed it from her website. Not to worry, we have a record of it that you can view on mine ( ).

She may want to hide her tax-hike plans, but she can’t because Arizona faces a $1.8 billion budget deficit and we are required to balance that budget. There are only two things you can do: Cut spending, and / or raise taxes. Ms. Cage has declared as “off-limits” so many programs that she has placed more than 65 percent of the budget “off-limits” to cuts. She simply cannot make enough cuts from the remaining programs.

Worse still, Cage has called for increases in spending on a whole variety of programs. Her plans will require massive tax increases, even if she no longer talks about them aloud.

To Ms. Cage’s liberal positions on pocketbook issues, you may add far-left views on gun control, education, legalizing assisted suicide, even forcing the state of Arizona to recognize not only gay civil-unions, but gay marriage as well. Put together, hers is an extreme agenda that belongs in California or Massachusetts, not Southern Arizona.

For my part, I prefer reasonable cuts to balance the budget, keeping the burden off of the taxpayers. We already pay high taxes and know that raising taxes when the economy and people are hurting is exactly the wrong idea. My plans to create new jobs and grow our economy have earned me the endorsement of the Arizona and Tucson Chambers of Commerce, and I invite you to visit my website to learn more.

I am a teacher, so when I talk about education and education reform, I’m not just reading from some prepared talking points. Education is a critical issue and, if elected, I would be one of very few teachers to actually serve at the Legislature.

Finally, I am serious about the need to secure our borders and fight illegal immigration while my opponent avoids the topic entirely, saying only that it is a “federal” matter. The cost of illegal immigration is nearly $2 billion each year, and we need to elect legislators who will do everything they can to solve this problem.

I hope that you share my views and priorities and I ask for your vote. Please contact me through my website if you have any questions. Thank you.

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