The Explorer invited Republican Pima County Supervisor District 1 candidates Ann Day and Joe Higgins to submit 450 words about their candidacies. Copy appears as submitted. One of the two advances to the general election ballot on Nov. 2. There is no Democrat on the primary election ballot.

Ann Day

I firmly believe, with more passion and conviction than I can possibly convey on this page, that public service is above all a public trust. It’s an awe inspiring responsibility – the kind that snaps me out of a sound sleep at two in the morning worrying about a decision I will make later in the day that I know will affect the people who have placed their trust in me.

I have stood before the voters many times in my years in the Arizona Senate and the Pima County Board of Supervisors. I have asked for their trust and I have returned that trust everyday that I have been in office. I have taken the basic values I learned growing up on a ranch – hard work, independence, self reliance and the burdens of excessive government taxation and regulation — and integrated those values in to sound and responsible public policy. I bring those values to the job every day as I work to make Pima County government more open, transparent, efficient and effective. I’m responsive and accessible and I provide the best constituent service in the county – bar none.

I am proud of the things that I have accomplished – things that benefit not just my district but every resident of Pima County.

I have repeatedly voted against spending, growth and inefficiency in our County budget.

I have stood up for homeowners by cutting Pima County property taxes.

I voted twice against establishing a county sales tax and have offered alternative budget proposals that would lower your taxes.

I look out for your tax dollars by demanding accountability and efficiency from county departments.

I made sure that 54 percent of transportation funding went to District 1 and now we are bringing road projects on line such as La Canada, Cortaro and Magee.

I am particularly proud to have led the charge to advance a bridge over the CDO wash at La Cholla.

These are just a few of the things that I have done. This is action, not talk or distortion like you hear from my opponent. I have strong support from respected community leaders in Pima County. My opponent refuses to divulge his supporters. I have been endorsed by the Arizona Daily Star, Tucson Citizen, Tucson Weekly and Emil Franzi here in The Explorer.

My opponent has recent news stories detailing how he has flouted the property tax system and given himself an improper tax break at the expense of citizens and isn’t interested enough in civic affairs to even vote. Please visit my website at to learn more about my vision for Pima County and I respectfully ask for your vote on Sept. 2.

Joe Higgins

It was interesting to read last week in this paper, the current District 1 Pima County Supervisor distort my record and say that I am all talk and no action.I am not the one who has been in office for 18 years and cannot get a bridge built over one of the busiest roads on the Northwest side (La Cholla below Overton.)

Time after time the incumbent does what staff tells her until she gets permission to take a different position. We saw this with porn in the libraries, a sales tax increase, and with the RTA voter database. Supervisor Day was the only vote against the formation of the advocacy and outreach group, the Pima County Small Business Commission. Voters are tired of empty election year promises to support our small businesses.

I have a clear background of success in business, working to get things done on government commissions, and on numerous non-profit boards in the community. Through my tenure as President of Catholic Community Services Foundation I see just how governmental policies make it hard for our working families and elderly to make ends meet. I have a proven record of accomplishment and success that I will apply to the job of Pima County Supervisor.

The incumbent is on the defensive because my message of addressing poor roads in the Northwest and creating a business friendly county that provides better jobs is resonating with voters. Under Supervisor Day, Pima County has grown from $840 million to $1.47 billion. The current board of Supervisors just about doubled Pima County’s budget! This out of control spending is paid for by your property tax dollars.

We have run out of time and cannot afford politics as usual. Pima County is uncompetitive and has a property tax rate that is over three times higher than Maricopa County. Companies are relocating and we have a brain drain of departing graduates from the University of Arizona. Our region will continue to suffer a lower standard of living and a ballooning government sector if nothing is done.

I have a clear plan to get Pima County headed in the right direction again. I will work with surrounding cities and towns to achieve their goals, limit Pima County’s influence and focus on core responsibilities of safety and transportation infrastructure. I am committed to our Open Space goals and will work to protect our unique Sonoran Desert environment.

If you are happy with rising property taxes, needless squabbles between local and county government, wasteful county spending, and lack of transparency in government then vote for the incumbent. If you are ready for more effective leadership then vote for Joe Higgins for County Supervisor. Learn more at

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