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EMIL FRANZI: How Obama could get my vote

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Posted: Wednesday, November 12, 2008 12:00 am

My longtime liberal Democrat radio colleague Tom Danehy recently wrote that he would have voted for Bush in 2004 if Bush had nailed Osama Bin Laden. He asked me what it would take to bring me around to President Obama.

Bringing us Osama’s head would go a long way, but I’ve got three easier ones for him. All are relatively simple. None would lose him any major constituencies nor compromise any of the values he has professed. Just three items, none requiring any major expenditures.

1. Retain Patrick Fitzgerald as the U.S. Attorney for northern Illinois.

Fitzgerald has busted more crooked pols than anyone in a state where political corruption is a way of life. He nailed former GOP Gov. George Ryan and a number of his associates. Some of my best Republican friends there still wear ankle bracelets. He even took out hunks of the Cicero Machine, an outfit going back to Capone and which, incidentally, is also Republican.

Fitzgerald is totally non-partisan and is presently working his way through Democrat crooks. He bagged Tony Rezco, a guy with close connections to Obama and other leading Dems, who’s sentencing was delayed while he continues to chirp. Many believe next up is Gov. Rod Blagojevich.

Obama talks about bipartisanship and change. A big change would be for this creature of the Chicago machine to re-appoint the man most successful in prosecuting it.

2. Clean up the scandal of disqualifying military voters.

Nothing is more infuriating than once again hearing reports that military votes have been disqualified or gone uncounted. In many states, federal statutes on processing those votes have simply been ignored. I am doubly infuriated that the Bush administration has done diddle squat about it.

Who controls the Defense and Justice Departments? Is it asking too much for this President to quit acting like a Harvard MBA-CEO and simply make enforcing existing laws a priority along with simplification of  rules for the military voter?

The phony charges by the left that President Bush used the Justice Department for partisan advantage falls flat here. Military votes trend heavily Republican. Failure to care about them by this GOP administration has probably cost the Republicans several US Senate seats. While partisan abuse has been generally absent (see Fitzgerald, above), this does strengthen arguments about this administration’s incompetence.

No one should care how our serving men and women vote. Making sure they can is something we can all support in the spirit of unity Obama professes. Because it’s the right thing to do.

3. Use the full power of the federal government to stop voting fraud.

Just once, let’s hear a President declare going into a national election that he planned to use the full powers of his office over everything from Justice Department lawyers to guys who look like those dudes on The Unit to finally stop voting fraud in America. From bussing ringers to stuffing ballot boxes to computer and counting room juggles, this is a job for the Feds and enough statutes exist to do something about it. Once and for all we need to eliminate the ability of losers to claim “the election was stolen” by making damn sure it isn’t. (By the way, it’s “voting fraud,” not “voter fraud.” Real voters aren’t the problem.)

President Obama is a product of the folks who know more about how to commit voting fraud than anyone — the Chicago Machine. President Nixon transcended his anti-Communist past and brought us together with China. There is a precedent for reversing origins. This is a glorious opportunity for President Obama to transcend his roots and strike a blow for honest and transparent government.

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