Twenty years ago I had a simple idea: provide career development for aviation professionals. Through fiscal responsibility, researched investment, short and long-term goals, my company has come a leader in this field.

My family weathered the loss of my husband’s pension after the bankruptcy of United Airlines. I know what people go through when facing difficult economic times.

I cared for my elderly parents in the last years of their lives. Health care is very personal for me.

I believe my experience as a business owner, wife, mother, daughter and community volunteer will be a tremendous asset in the State Senate.

This Tuesday your vote will decide the future of our beautiful state.

I won’t mince words: it is time to reject the regressive, ‘win-elections-at-any-cost’ approach that has roared forth from both houses of our legislature for far too long.

There are some who refuse to believe any solution can come from a political ‘center.’ However, our community is making it clear: elected officials must search everywhere (to the right, left and the middle) for solutions. Voters expect their opinions to be heard and all subsequent debates to be honest, respectful and fact-based.

Yes, Arizona requires new thinking in many areas. But, the most urgent step we must take is to diversify our economic base.

Education and solar are two areas that could be powerful economic engines for Southern Arizona.

Economic development

We need to keep taxpayer money in the K-12 public school system. This one step will give us a huge advantage towards enticing high tech businesses (with high paying jobs) to Arizona.

The first bill I will introduce is to allow our public universities to accept equity in private companies. This will provide new revenue streams for the university and will say to high technology firms, “Arizona is open for business.”

R&D for a wide spectrum of alternative energies is needed. However, Arizona’s first focus should be solar. Public / private partnerships, coupled with the new political will, will help us discover solutions to storage and delivery of solar. Prices will go down, financial and environmental savings will go up.

My endorsements are numerous and varied: from the Arizona Education Association (Teachers) to the Northern Pima County Chamber of Commerce, Sierra Club and both daily newspapers. (Entire list:

The Star wrote: Cheryl is an independent thinker with a wealth of experience who will put constituents’ needs before partisan interests.

The Citizen states: “Cage will have a profoundly more positive effect on our state than Melvin. District 26 rebuffed Melvin’s bid for office two years ago and voters should repeat that wise choice.”

I ask for your vote so we can begin to work on issues that matter.

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