A recent editorial in the local daily newspaper, “Marana should halt senseless effort to get control of wastewater plant” (June 18, 2011), displays a confrontational attitude we don’t accept.

The Town of Marana is a good neighbor within Pima County and with its cities and towns, but our convictions influence our neighborly attitude. These convictions are our belief in the benefits of local governance, our commitment to healthy growth, and to the spirit of voluntary cooperation.

Marana’s right to run a small wastewater plant in its north stems from the fact that the water it treats comes exclusively from our citizens. Every drop of effluent going into this plant comes from our citizens. We have undertaken extensive studies with regard to the economics and logistics of running this plant, and are confident in our ability to do so more efficiently than Pima County. How could it not be so?

Local government creates a climate for the most effective government, and issues that affect citizens should be decided locally. That’s where town leaders can be held accountable. We are eager to submit ourselves to the oversight of our own citizens and confident that such scrutiny will produce greater efficiencies for our residents than centralized control by the Pima County Board of Supervisors.

Second, Marana has an interest not only in its own growth but also throughout the county. Growth brings jobs that will be good for us all, but county supervisors have obstructed growth in the region by exercising veto power over development projects within our town, and by denying wastewater hookups to fledgling businesses.

This arbitrary refusal to help us has prevented the development of important projects that would have provided jobs for Pima County’s citizens and benefited the entire region. Their senseless strategy has damaged healthy growth for all of us, all the while Marana has continued to lead by providing a jobs and business friendly environment that helps all of us to flourish.

Finally, Marana’s goal is to be a supportive ally in Pima County. We seek cooperative, voluntary associations all around. But we believe that healthy associations exist only between peers who respect and appreciate each other, and to that end we seek an equal place at the table.

Unfortunately, the Board of Supervisors and the daily newspaper would prefer otherwise, substituting for healthy cooperation an enforced and centralized control which calls for us to “be quiet and sit down.” This we will not do.

We believe that all citizens of Pima County and not of Marana only will be enriched, and the region benefitted, from Marana’s running its own wastewater enterprise. We ask only that the Pima County Board of Supervisors relax its dominant grip over Marana so that all of us may prosper and thrive.

Dave Bowen is a councilman on the Marana Town Council

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