Letters to the editor published in the March 10 , 2010, edition of The Explorer.

What's rush to fill vacancy on OV's council?

Oro Valley is in danger of getting more of what it now may be voting against.

Oro Valley voters are in the process of deciding the direction they want their council to take by choosing candidates who will chart that course with the primary election.

For the council to consider a move that will have the net effect of satisfying the agenda of a small group on the council, is not only wrong, but an insult to the voters of Oro Valley who are considering the agendas that would best serve them and their community.

The resignation of Councilman Kunisch gives three council members, who are pushing for control of the governing body, a chance to appoint a replacement that may be a deciding vote and dramatic change in the composition of the council in opposition to what the voters want. Spoerl, a recent appointee, has less than three months left on the council, will be in a position of deciding on the appointment of another person who will have less than three months on council.

State statues require the council appoint someone to fill the unexpired term of any vacancy; it doesn't say when, how soon or by what process. While the statue is clear on the responsibility to appoint someone, wouldn't it be prudent to wait until the primary is over?

The current council has a quorum. It should not be a burden on the current council to wait until the May 18th election, when the vacancies will be filled by duly elected representatives.

The political manipulation designed to change the council's direction in the midst of an Oro Valley election is inappropriate and unethical at best.

On March 9th, one or more candidates may be elected by the required 50-percent plus one. The people of Oro Valley deserve to have the council wait until after the primary to even consider an appointment.  If any candidate is elected in the primary, they could fill the vacancy immediately.

The council can do what it wants, but can it do what is right? What's the rush?


Jill Anderson, Oro Valley



OV's Carter to be honored, and deserves it


On March 24th at a banquet at the Manning House in downtown Tucson, Councilman KC Carter will be honored with an award from the Southern Arizona American Public Works Association as the 2009 Public Works Leader.

This recognizes his work in the area of public agencies and projects as well as honoring private sector members for their contributions to the advancement of public works and infrastructures and progress throughout Southern Arizona.

I think we can all be proud to have such an honoree on our council.



Dottie Eagley, Oro Valley


Giffords fine, regardless of what chronic writer says


This letter is in response to the several written by Mr. Rick Cunnington.

First of all, kudos to Mr. Greg Steed. Evidently he and I are on the same page when it comes to Mr. Cunnington's political agenda.

Mr. Cunnington, anyone who doesn't bow down to a Rush Limbaugh-type political policy isn't a communist, fascist, radical lefty, etc., you pick the word. Since you evidently like to write letters to the editor, I would like you to provide proof that Carter, Johnson and Clinton were the worst three presidents, in that order.

I endorse and recommend the re-election of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords. If you were to read her regular newsletter to the citizens of Congressional District 8 available on-line, you find out about her bi-partisan work for us. Her staff in her Tucson office is easy to reach by phone and are ready and willing to help. Amanda Shapir from her office worked hard negotiating with my mortgage lender, doing all she could to save my home.

Ms. Giffords was endorsed by Republican mayor of Marana Ed Honea. She worked bi-partisanally with Sens. John McCain and John Kyl to keep most of Marana from being designated a flood plane by FEMA. This saved Marana residents and businesses money on mandatory flood insurance and from continued decrease in property values.

She recently had a meeting with the mayors of the cities and towns in District 8 to discuss the financial needs of our communities. She has not forgotten her roots as a native Tucsonan, working in her parents' tire shop while in high school.



Harold Thompson, Marana

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