Money, money, money. For most of us, our world revolves around it. True, our nation appears to be climbing slowly out of the recession but full recovery can’t come soon enough. Do you think the $3.7 trillion budget unveiled by the White House Monday will help? Has the President’s proposal to cut overall federal spending by $90 billion from last year targeted the right places? Or is it going too far?

Let me know what you think by participating in this week’s Readers Poll. Visit our website at and click on “Poll” at the top of the page. If you’d like to elaborate, feel free to e-mail me at

Of course, everyone is feverishly attempting to balance their budgets. The weak economy has become the great equalizer; it doesn’t matter if you’re a private citizen, a mom-and-pop shop owner or CEO of a multi-million dollar conglomerate, we all are doing some creative number crunching to make ends meet.

And now the people who predict these things say prices are going to continue rising thanks to political conflicts, increased salaries, bad weather and additional manufacturing costs.

To offset these increases, I’m going to spend less on travel and dining out. Will you adjust your spending? Let me know by taking our second Readers Poll online.

The City of Tucson is trying to keep its spending to a minimum by creating a volunteer program that would allow citizens to pitch in and help at city government offices. This way the city would be able to continue to offer services that earlier had been reduced or cut along with staff.

A similar program is working well in West Palm Beach, Fla., where I lived before moving here. Volunteers help with clerical duties and assisting customers, and they are in demand. So here’s my last question: would you be willing to volunteer to work in a government office? Please e-mail me your thoughts at

On to a happier subject! Here we are in mid-February and the weather is glorious. It’s what attracts so many great events here to the Old Pueblo. During the next week you will have your choice of the Tucson Rodeo and the World Golf Championships — Accenture Match Play Championship. We’re so lucky to have some of the greatest athletes in the world competing in our backyard. I hope you’re able to enjoy one or both.

—Wendy Miller

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