I promise to tell you more than the others have about who the big losers really were.

Republicans at the statewide and congressional level, who not only failed to regain either seat they lost in 2006 but lost one more, giving the Democrats a majority of the House delegation for the first time since 1964 and lost two of the three Corporation Commission seats.

Democrats at the state legislative level where massive expenditures by the state Dems and union groups failed to not only gain but lost. Democrat claims this resulted from McCain’s coattails and heavier GOP registration fall flat — they won elsewhere in the state with the same factors.

The hypocrisy of accepting “Clean elections” money while having a “who me?” attitude towards outside expenditures didn’t help. That their candidates were often speaking in code and hid their real agendas also hurt.

Unions, particularly firefighters and teachers, squandered lots of money ineptly trying to slime Republicans. It would be nice if the folks who really are the teachers, firefighters and cops that pay those incompetent consultants their leadership hires would dump that leadership and hire something better than the political thugs and Democrat hacks they use now. And maybe try a different sign format for each district or use a robocall that didn’t show a Phoenix area code.

Moderate Republicans who finally blew the myth that they’re the only one who can hold certain districts like our own 25 and 26. Many Phoenix lobbyists and the MSM bought the notion that a Jennifer Burns was all that could win in 25 and Pete Hershberger in 26. Meet Rep. Dave Stevens, R-25, who spent most of the campaign serving in Kuwait and was actually attacked by the bozos mentioned in the prior paragraph for not actively campaigning.

Meet Sen. Al Melvin, R-26, who typifies a solid conservative. Attempts to paint him as Attila also fell flat. While the Pinal County portion in Saddlebrooke gave him a big part of his 2,000-vote margin over liberal Democrat Cheryl Cage, Al carried the Pima portion by about 700 votes.

Pinal County Democrats lost one of the District 23 house seats to Republican Frank Pratt, but saw the election of their first Republican Sheriff in Paul Babeu and first Republican Supervisor in Bryan Martin in District Two. Color it purple now.

State Rep. Kyrsten Sinema, D-PHX, who has massive delusions of relevance and is always unavoidable for comment. This self-aggrandizing harpy has a never-ending supply of parades she runs in front of. She injected herself so far into the “no 102” campaign that she personally introduced herself at the beginning of the robocalls like she was up there with Laura, Sarah and Hillary. The news conference she called for the day after the election to claim all the victories was somehow subverted by the voters.

A variety of overpaid political consultants. For the GOP, the guys who milked the Tim Bee campaign for the close to two million bucks they squandered basically missing opportunities and using boiler plate mailers and TV spots. For the Dems, the hacks they overpaid to run independent campaigns that fell on their face in key legislative districts.

One by name as the most outstanding example of political incompetence ever to cash a fat consulting check - Nathan Sproul, Republican. From the phony Prop 202 effort that tried telling us it actually toughened immigration law when it weakened it, thereby losing a large bloc of its own base, to the Prop 105 fiasco “majority rule” which he actually dreamed up as well as candidates he ill-advised too numerous to mention - maybe like those union guys on the Dem side, the business leaders who keep this turkey around will wake up.

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