Graph courtesy of Town of Marana

In Marana, we like to say we work for one of the most business-friendly communities in the state.

Our actions prove it:

• The Town offers concierge service that walks applicants through the development process from beginning to end.

• The Marana Economic Roadmap is the Town’s first document that identifies the types of industry the Town wants to attract and where those resulting businesses should be located.

• The town council proves its pro-business approach through the adoption of incentive plans to attract and retain meaningful commerce and create livable wages for our residents.

We show our commitment to business on a daily basis and our actions are gaining notice. A recent poll conducted by the Metropolitan Pima Alliance shows that there is no place in Southern Arizona that’s better to open or expand a business.

Of the five local jurisdictions under consideration, Marana stood out in a canvassing of MPA members who actively participate in the development field. A total of 107 people participated, almost half of whom own businesses.

Among the respondents, 61 percent had done business in Marana over the past five years. We graded out far above average in the six survey questions and ranked just behind Sahuarita as the most affordable jurisdiction with which to do business.

The MPA survey was circulated through the organization’s membership email list. The MPA works on a daily basis with governments and the development industry in Pima County.

People want to live and work in Southern Arizona for many reasons. It’s up to us as a local government to form partnerships with the private sector to ensure that we grow in a responsible manner and meet the needs of those who call our region home.

While we are pleased with the survey results, we know there’s room for improvement. Our council and staff are committed to extending our good working relationship with the development community.

We have adopted several policies and procedures that do just that and, as a result, Marana is quickly becoming the top place to do business in our state. The MPA poll is a fair measuring stick and proves that we back up what we say.

Gilbert Davidson is the town manager of Marana.

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