It’s amazing how a thoughtful little message from someone can brighten your day. You know, those handwritten notes slipped into a lunch box, pocket or briefcase; a card that mysteriously appears on your desk when you step away; a text that pops up on your phone.

Imagine then how precious a supportive message could be for someone who is battling breast cancer. Knowing people care could help a loved one, friend and even a stranger get through a difficult day.

As part of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October, The Explorer will honor local survivors of the disease in a special section we’re calling “Paint the Desert Pink.”

It will feature a free tribute section for those of you who would like to honor someone you love who is battling breast cancer, who beat the disease, or who fought the good fight and lost.

Your message can contain five lines of copy for free. You also can upgrade your message as a boxed ad with a picture for a small fee. To submit your message, call Grace Heike in our office at 797-4384. The deadline is Oct. 10.

You can also contact us if you’d like to advertise in this special section, which will be published as part of our Oct. 19 edition. The Explorer will donate 5 percent of the net proceeds from all the ads sold to the Susan G. Komen Foundation.

The Foundation helps educate the public about cancer prevention. Hopefully, there won’t be a need for special sections for this disease in the future. Until then, The Explorer is proud to help increase awareness and pay tribute to those who are diagnosed.

Changing topics, are you a master juggler? I bet you are. We all have had to learn the fine art of keeping our increased number of tasks flying in the air above us like juggled balls.

For example, I went to renew my lease at my apartment complex last week. The office manager reviewed my paperwork with me while answering phones, setting repair times on his computer calendar, and accepting rent checks.

He needed a few extra hands to accomplish his work, yet he smiled throughout and thanked me for my patience as he did the work of several people.

Later in the week, I hit a drive-through. While taking the order I spoke into the speaker, the drive-through gal was accepting money from the driver two cars ahead of me. While accepting my money, she was taking the order of the driver two cars behind me.

What do you juggle? How many balls do you keep in the air at one time from sunrise to sunset, and then some?

Write and let me know what your day is like by emailing I’m sure it’s pretty impressive.

I’m not sure if juggling is a game anyone wants to win but I bet we will have fun comparing notes!

— Wendy Miller

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