Disagrees with Williams’ stand on extended benefits

As a registered Republican for all my adult life, and someone who supported Vic Williams, Al Melvin, and almost all Republicans in state and federal positions, I find myself in dismay over the article from Williams in the June 22 issue of The Explorer.  Where are these people coming from? Can they be that far out of touch with reality and the wishes of their constituents? What an embarrassment they are to our party. 

To deny these extended benefits will hurt our state more than they could ever imagine.  This money is immediately pumped back into our state’s economy to the tune of millions of dollars a week. Do they really think that the majority of these people are lazy, not looking for a job, and living the good life on $240 a week?  By the way, the second lowest state unemployment rate in the country.

If their positions on these funds are not corrected immediately, there will be a movement under way by registered Republicans in this area to make sure that their current terms are their last, even if it means working directly with the local Democrats. No one should have the right to hold hostage thousands of people who are unemployed through no fault of their own.

And Melvin’s statement that more requirements should be in place for job searches, or that community service should be required are ridiculous and absurd. Since their salaries are paid by taxpayers, I demand that they account daily for every minute of their working day to make sure that we are getting our monies worth. This is not representation, and for the first time in my life, I am embarrassed to be a Republican.

One more thing, if they cannot accept these funds because it will increase the deficit, then they should not accept any funds whatsoever from the federal government to the state of Arizona for any reasons. Or, don’t these funds contribute to the deficit?


Frank Sapone, unemployed, Oro Valley

Good decision to replace fireworks

Thank you, Hilton El Conquistador Resort and The Ritz-Carlton, Dove Mountain for your decisions to replace dangerous fireworks with a laser light show this year. Who knows? Maybe this will start a new tradition for July 4th!

Barbara McNeill, Oro Valley

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