Disappointed Oracle school bond defeated

I feel sorry for the children as they are the ones who will continue to suffer because the Oracle school bond did not pass.

I feel sad for those adults who didn’t have their priorities in order and vote “yes” for improvements on the children’s behalf. You know, a new building that isn’t falling down, a new school bus that is safer and running better, etc.

It is truly devastating that there are so many selfish people in this world who have what they want – comfortable homes and a nice life, but who do not care about the future. How tragic.

My husband and I have no guilt over the outcome. We worked very hard, very honest, very fair on trying to educate folks on what was the truth. We are concerned about the future for all children. Some people, as we know from the results, are not. It was their choice, and it will come back to haunt them some day.

I know we as adults do not always make the right decision about some things. But as my husband indicated in a prior letter to the editor, this election was a “no-brainer.” But then he has put education first in his life for 38-plus years. He has tried to make a positive difference for children in this world.

Folks had a chance to make a difference, also, with this school bond election, but they chose not to. I can only look at them and feel sorry for them, as most of them were not given the true facts. 

They would rather have believed untruths, and ugly campaigning before actually studying what the truth was. Let them enjoy their extra margarita a month as they whispered to each other at a meeting I attended. Let them enjoy their extra lunch out a month, and some day they will wake up to reality. 

Some day they might even take a tour of the school district and learn the truth; although this probably won’t happen. No one wants to study their mistakes, or even remember them, or think about them.

I saved my money to have the cafeteria painted this past summer so the kids could eat in a nice, clean place. And also hoping the bond would pass and they would have a new kitchen to go with the better looking cafeteria. 

It’s OK. I have no regrets. I will now save up to have the gym painted. I love sports, and I want the kids to have a good-looking place to shoot that basket in. 

I will continue to contribute what I can to make life better for the children who attend Oracle School District. I know in my heart what is right and what is not. Life has taught me that.


Molly Steffens, Eagle Crest

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