Let’s work together to rebuild economy

Rep. Vic Williams and his Republican colleagues have just turned away $65 million of our tax money that would have extended unemployment benefits for Arizonians. That’s $65 million that would have gone directly into our local economy for food, housing and clothing for the next 20 weeks; $65 million paid out to local grocery stores, gas stations and department stores; and $65 million that would help business owners maintain their current employment levels instead of laying off their workers.

According to Williams (“Special session jobless Band-Aid should be coupled with real job creation cures,” June 22, 2011), if Arizona gets $65 million (from the) federal (government) that’s bad, but if Arizona spends more of its limited revenues on tax loopholes for business, that’s good. This is his idea of job creation.

That worked really well for George W. Bush, didn’t it? Eight years of gargantuan tax cuts yielded eight years of negative job creation. But heck, let’s suspend taxes on capital gains and new business equipment and see if that doesn’t somehow miraculously create some new jobs here in Arizona.

Even David Stockman, creator and chief propagandist for trickle-down economics, has rejected his own trickle-down policy. Jobs are created when people demand goods and services not when some dude gets a tax break on his investments.

The Obama stimulus plan has brought about more job growth in one year than was created in the eight years of the disastrous Bush administration. The stimulus has kept teachers, firemen, policemen and other workers employed. It has added opportunities in the private sector. The stock market is regaining strength, and we seem to be on a slow but steady path of financial recovery. 

Isn’t it time for Republicans to stop their obstructionism and work with the President to rebuild our economy?

Doug Sanders, SaddleBrooke

Decision to have ‘non-position’ on destruction is ‘unconscionable’

A standing room only crowd at the June 15th Oro Valley Town Council meeting indicated that a controversial issue (the Rosemont Mine) had been placed on the agenda. Despite the huge turnout, the council (with the exception of Gillaspie and Garner) voted to not allow any speakers.

Councilman Gillaspie stated, “This item is a regional issue. This item affects the economy and the environment and the quality of life for everybody in the area.” But he and Garner were outnumbered.

Mayor Hiremath and councilmembers Hornat, Solomon and Waters voted to rescind a 2007 vote, effectively changing Oro Valley’s position on the mine from, “strongly opposed to the Rosemont Mine” to having a “non-position” on the mine.

It is unconscionable to have a “non-position” on permanently destroying a significant area of the Santa Rita Mountains, on releasing toxic substances into the region’s aquifer, on transporting ore, chemicals and explosives on Scenic Route 83, and on turning a rural landscape into an industrialized one.

Choosing to remain silent on such a controversial issue reminded me of the famous quotation by Martin Niemoller that begins, “First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out because I was not a Socialist.”

I’ve written a new ending. “Then they came to pollute the water and destroy the views and the quality of life for the residents of Sonoita, and four members of the Oro Valley Town Council did not speak out because they did not live in Sonoita.”

Niemoller’s point was that we are complicit through our silence.

Diane Peters, Oro Valley

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What a hack job. BO now owns this economy and the $4 trillion he has added to the debt. Job creation? Where is his plan? Just like his budgets--does not exist.

Showed leadership today by walking out of budget meeting. Guess Soros never told him that it was going to be this rough.

Jimmy Carter is really cheering that BO came along--Jimmy is no longer America's worst President.

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