Don’t steal extra copies of a free newspaper

I just want to let you know that we enjoy and look forward to reading The Explorer newspaper. It keeps us well informed about our local area, unlike the other newspaper to which we have a subscription.

We live in Avra Valley, and we have always looked forward to picking up the free copy of The Explorer at the small store by our home.

That was until recently, in the last few weeks we had went to get a copy of The Explorer more than once, only to find out that a lady will come in the store and take all of the copies of the paper, because of the coupons.

Evidently, she takes all of the papers and sells the coupons. This is so wrong. I don’t know if there is a way to stop this. Maybe the stores can be asked to keep it behind the counter. Or maybe the paper should be sold for 50 cents to prevent one individual from taking all of the free Explorer papers.

It is just not fair to the rest of the people in our community.

I did not know that I could subscribe. So we did. Now, we will get a copy at our home.

It is so wrong for others to be so selfish. I really think you should start charging for the paper.

Janet Stuve, Avra Valley

Speaking in defense of the President

In response to Mr. Sheetz’s letter, “Unhappy with Obama’s actions” (July 27, 2011): It’s amazing that two people who not only live in the same country, but the same neighborhood, can have such opposite perspectives.

If it weren’t for Obama’s stimulus package, unemployment would be a lot higher than 9.2 percent (as of June 2011), and many thousands of people in public works, the auto industry, etc., would be out of jobs. Ask any of the teachers, firefighters, policemen, road workers, etc., who got a paycheck directly from the stimulus money.

If it weren’t for Obama, I would have no health benefits. Last year I was diagnosed with breast cancer and without the extended COBRA benefits, I would not have received the health care I needed.

As far as promises go, how about passing a health care bill that every president has kicked down the road while the health care crisis got bigger each year and totally out of control? Obama had the stones to actually do something about it.

He also kept his promise and got us out of Iraq. How about repealing, “Don’t ask, don’t tell”? How about executing the instigator of 9/11, something George W. Bush was unsuccessful in accomplishing. George W. Bush inherited a budget surplus and squandered it on two unnecessary wars and tax breaks for the wealthy.

As for Obama’s birth certificate, it was released and verified. What more can he possibly do to prove his citizenship? Obama took us from the brink of disaster and a worldwide economic meltdown via the bailout and stimulus package. Had he not taken drastic actions, this recession would have been a hundred times worse.

As for unemployment, I reiterate (I believe) it would be about 20 percent if Obama hadn’t acted. I personally know several people in the auto workers and auto supplier industries who would never have recovered had it not been for yet another program, “Cash for Clunkers,” which was (signed into effect) by Obama.

As for border control, we can continue building taller fences and wasting more taxpayer money on staffing more border control and it will not prevent illegals from crossing our borders. The focus should be on punishing the big corporations who are employing them. If there aren’t any jobs, they won’t come.

Oh, and by the way Mr. Sheetz, we were a laughing stock long before Obama came to power.

Mary Wiggins, Oro Valley


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