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Posted: Tuesday, April 21, 2009 11:00 pm

Letters to the editor published in the April 22, 2009, edition of The Explorer.

Campaign against Marana candidate 'sheer poppycock'

I just received a flier accusing Kelle Maslyn of having a "hidden agenda" to "shake down" Marana taxpayers. This was mailed by some anonymous group calling itself "People for an Independent Marana."

Talk about being "hidden." These folks don't even attach their names to their smear campaign. What cowards.

I know Ms. Maslyn to be exceptionally open about her views. The flier is sheer poppycock.

Karen Wiley, Marana

VPD is in desperate need of major change

The Oro Valley Police Department is currently in desperate need of a change.

Already with one of the highest ratios of officers per capita in the U.S., they are lobbying to avoid layoffs, and even increase their force. Over the years the OVPD has laughingly developed a reputation as a group with little to do but enforce traffic laws, and are even known as "tax collectors."

They enforce with adversarial techniques routinely, including such questionable strong-arm tactics as using the back-up "wolf-pack" technique to ticket traffic violations (2-3 cars to issue one ticket), and deploying unmarked cars with visible radar detection devices to target speeders.

They use intimidation tactics at city council meetings, attending armed and "en masse," and then proceeding to usurp entire meetings with speakers and union officials. But, most importantly, they continue to show a confrontational and adversarial attitude toward citizens, with no thought toward creating a positive bridge with the community.

Thank you,

Mary Reilly, Oro Valley

Abbott's critic has completely missed the mark

Conny Culver's description of council member Paula Abbott in the April 15th Explorer reveals that she has completely missed the mark on Paula's contribution to the Town of Oro Valley.

What Paula does very well is that she represents the people rather than the special interests. In short, she watches over our neighborhoods. If you look out your front or back door and like what you see, it is because people like Paula Abbott have stood up for the intrinsic value of our precious landscape. She stands in the way of people who would bulldoze the last prickly pear in town if they stood to make a buck off of it. Her constituents have thus rewarded her with two consecutive four-year terms in office.

Ms. Culver, on the other hand, was removed from office after just one two-year term. This speaks volumes about why she is now merely an observer and no longer a player.

Ms. Culver states that she was "shocked" at Abbott's remark, "If you squelch my voice, you squelch the citizen's voice." September 11th was shocking.  Ms. Abbott's comment was not. Ms. Culver needs to get a grip.

Robert Peters, Oro Valley

Reader exhibits a most elastic imagination

Reader Michelle Saxer exhibits a most elastic imagination when she, "As a tax payer and a US citizen," is " offended" by the quote, "Honest hearts produce honest actions — Brigham Young."

Wow. I am certain the Oro Valley police department will never recover from this most grievous "violation" of our constitution's First Amendment. I bet the cops at this very moment are huddled in the squad room plotting how to convince the council to establish Mormonism as Oro Valley's official religion.

I am sure Mayor Loomis and council members would be pleased to take time away from wrestling with the budget to "explain your position on this for all the residents of Oro Valley," and of course for Ms. Saxer.

Boris Baird

Find a heart, and don't cut OV's police department

This letter was addressed to Oro Valley Town Manager David Andrews – Ed.

As a concerned citizen I want to express my feelings about Oro Valley looking to cut police officer positions.

Seriously, with the way the economy is today and with job losses daily causing people to do things they ordinarily would not do, so therefore when they do these things then there is the need for the police to get involved. And you want to cut these positions? Why? Let's start with your position.

Considering your pay increase and six-figure salary, you don't have to worry about where the food comes from for your family. This only tells how greedy people can be. And you laugh about it when confronted with it. You could have turned it down.

Why not cut your salary and some of the other positions in your area to save those jobs of the police officers that put their lives on the line every day?

What would you do if you had numerous children (and maybe you do have children) and had to go home one day to tell your wife and family you just got fired? What would you do when you don't have medical insurance any longer and couldn't afford to pay for COBRA, provide food, pay housing, utilities or a school meal?

It sounds to me like you and some of the other council members are anti-police, which indicates they have never needed the assistance of a police officer.

I have needed the assistance of a police officer, I have worried about paying my housing, utilities, doctors, hospital and going hungry to put some small amount of food on the table for my children. None of this has ever been a pleasant experience and one that I ever want to re-live.

The problem is people take raises and are not willing to cut their salaries to help others. Maybe the council should take this into consideration.

I know if you really put your heads together I am sure there is a resolution.

Don't leave us or the streets unprotected. Please consider this, and most of all have a heart.

Ken Nardi, Oro Valley

Young was a political leader, too

In response to Michelle Saxer's letter to the OV Mayor and Council regarding the role of faith in OV law enforcement and the separation of church and state, I would like to remind Ms. Saxer that Brigham Young was not only a religious leader, but was the first governor of the state of Utah.

He was a political leader as well as a religious leader. As such he was certainly qualified to make statements which apply to political entities.

I would also suppose that no religion would disagree with the statement that "honest hearts produce honest actions." This does not espouse any particular religion. I'm sure all of our politicians have their individual beliefs, but does that prevent them from speaking about honesty? It is a shame that Ms. Saxer was offended.

Jan Lowery, Oro Valley

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