Facts make clear Marana needs landfill

This is an open letter to all the opponents of the proposed new Marana landfill.

It is time to get your heads out of the sand like ostriches. I was thinking of some place else, but I will be nice. As Mr. Henk has stated, "opponents may have their own opinions, but not their own facts."

The facts are the Tangerine Landfill is almost full and will close in 2020 if not before. Collection rates will go up because of the costs of transporting it out of the area by truck or rail. If it is sent by rail, it will be about 200 feet from my front door literally. I live in the Adonis neighborhood. We are located on the east side of I-10 just south of I-10 and Sandario Road, next to the railroad tracks.

Since it is a known fact that DKL Holdings owns and operates other landfills, have any of you checked with the EPA, the ADEQ and similar organizations to see if they have had any violations in recent years, and if so how many, the severity thereof, the time taken to correct them, and also the environmental damage?

I received two phone calls from the "Keep Marana Clean" people. One man and one woman. They were both very polite and professional and made it clear that they were not associated with or represented the town of Marana in any way. I did send in their card to the mayor and town council.

I have nothing to gain financially from supporting the landfill, nor do I want any.


Harold W. Thompson, Marana

Giffords is extreme on other side

According to a report in the Sept. 1 edition of The Explorer, Rep. Gabrielle Giffords calls Jesse Kelly "an extreme guy."

Does she not realize that some of her constituents regard her having voted for the Speaker Pelosi agenda about 90 percent of the time to be very extreme?

Doris Clatanoff, SaddleBrooke

Kelly needs to own position on Social Security

Regarding the article "Giffords calls Kelly an extreme guy," this is not just rhetoric on Giffords part.

Jesse Kelly has advocated the phase out and elimination of Social Security throughout his primary campaign. It was a campaign strategy to win the hearts and minds of the Tea Party at the expense of more moderate conservatives.

Kelly admonished Jonathan Paton to "own" his relatively moderate conservative legislative record. Well, the extremism paid off and Mr. Kelly won his primary. Now, he will need to find a way to damper his extremist views if he hopes to win the general.

Kelly now describes himself as "mainstream" and desiring to "protect" Social Security.

Mr. Kelly, while you lack any legislative record, you are, in fact, on record for advocating the elimination of Social Security.

It is time, my friend, for you to "own it."

Dana Whitson, Oro Valley

Vote, and keep the Democrats in D.C. majority

I urge all citizens who are not greedy and rich to get the vote out and keep the Democrats as a majority in Congress.

Having said this, I can agree that we can find a lot to criticize regarding our incumbents in Congress. However, the Republicans in Congress have made politics first and our country's welfare last.

Republicans are against Social Security, Medicare, health care for the poor, unemployment compensation, Wall Street regulation, and any other program that is good for the average American. They are for tax breaks for the rich and for so-called free trade laws that destroy American jobs.

Don't be foolish. Get out and vote for Democrats, incumbent or otherwise. They are by far the lesser of two evils.

Jack L. Burtch, Tucson

Keep district's D.C. tradition of moderation

During the 23 years we have lived in Southern Arizona, our representative in Congress has been a moderate, willing to reach across the aisle to work with leaders of the other party to do the people's work for the benefit of Southern Arizona and America.

From Jim Kolbe to Gabrielle Giffords, our representative was ranked as moderate by every objective evaluation — and it worked for our benefit in preserving federal funds for the University of Arizona, Davis-Monthan, Fort Huachaca and Raytheon (Hughes).

Now we run the risk of having Jesse Kelly, an extremist far from the main stream, as our representative. He has called Social Security a "Ponzi scheme" and has called for Social Security to be "eliminated." He also calls for elimination of the minimum wage, all corporate taxes and all regulation of Wall Street.

We need to say "No" to Jesse Kelly and keep our tradition of moderation.

Ernie and Marsha Cohen, Tucson

Ads attacking Giffords trivialize a vital matter

They're baack.

Conservatives for Congress have returned to our TV screens with a hit piece chiding Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords for questioning General Petraeus about fuel conservation before a congressional hearing.

In a war zone, the conservation of a precious commodity is hardly frivolous. It's a matter of life and death for the brave men and women who drive and guard the fuel trucks. Every gallon saved is one less that must be hauled over the world's most dangerous roads. Simply put, saving fuel saves lives.

It is dishonest and dishonorable to try to score political points by trivializing a matter of vital security for our troops. Shame on "Conservatives for Congress."

William C. Thornton, Tucson

Sure, Kelly is 'extreme;' that's what is needed

Re: 9/1/10 article: Giffords: "Kelly too Extreme"

Yes, Jesse Kelly extremely wants to repeal "Obamacare." Yes, Jesse Kelly extremely wants to stop the horrific federal government spending. Yes, Jesse Kelly extremely wants to stop illegal immigration with a fence and troops. Yes, Jesse Kelly extremely wants to save Social Security of young people. Long before they retire, there will be nothing for them.

Jesse has made it very clear that the retired and nearing retirement have their funds securely in place. Jesse will be a congressman who will face the Social Security crisis head-on.

In past decades, Congress has refused to tackle Social Security because it is not politically expedient. Everyday Americans should have the same options that Ms. Giffords and all congressman have, federal thrift savings plans. Social Security is not good enough for Congress. They want you to continue to pay in, especially, young people, it means more money in the general fund for them to spend.

The article said Ms. Giffords is a moderate Democrat. She votes 92 percent with Pelosi, Obama, Reed and the Democrat Party. Voting for Ms. Giffords is like sending Pelosi back to Congress.

Voters can make a difference in November, for Arizona and America, by voting for Jesse Kelly.

Mona Moehring, Casas Adobes

More water for rising level near landfill

Plans for a water reservoir near I-10 and Tangerine have been scrapped by Marana, Oro Valley, Metropolitan Water District and Flowing Wells Irrigation District in favor of recharging their allotments into the aquifer.

"In addition, the town of Marana expressed concerns about the reservoir's design because of 30-foot-high berms that would face the canal, so that instead of seeing water, people would be faced with a huge, earthen wall, and there would not be recreational opportunities." (The Explorer, Sept. 1, 2010)

Would that Marana had the same consideration for the county neighbors' "scenic" views of the 165-foot high proposed landfill site on Vice-Mayor Kai's land in Avra Valley.

Nothing like a nice dose of hypocrisy, plus a superb example of the town talking out of both sides of their mouths added to economic discrimination to set things right.

Metro Water's CAP allocation — 13,640 acre feet/yr. Oro Valley's CAP allocation — 10,305 acre feet/yr. Flowing Wells' CAP allocation — 2,873 acre feet/yr. Total 26,818 acre feet/yr (round to 27,000 acre ft/yr). An acre foot is 325,851 gallons (round to 326,000 gallons). That's an estimated 8,802,000,000 gallons/year more being recharged into our aquifer.

Our shared aquifer is at 200 feet, and, due to current recharging, is rising from four to five feet a year in the very same area where the town wants the landfill. Pima County's chief hydrologist estimates the aquifer would be within 50 feet of the landfill's 70-foot bottom in 20 years. How much faster will the aquifer levels rise with an additional 8.8 billion gallons/year being recharged? How much sooner will our rising aquifer reach the bottom of the landfill?

Wake up, Oro Valley, Flowing Wells and Metro Water, take a vested interest in Marana's square-mile sized landfill site and risk of contamination of our shared aquifer; then tell the town council to find a safer site for their landfill.

Time is running out. The council votes on Nov. 2.

Janice Mitich, Picture Rocks

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