Letters to the editor published in the January 5, 2011, edition of The Explorer.

School district supporters claim TUSD acted recklessly

Tucsonans United for a Sound District (TU4SD) regrets that TUSD did not take the remedial steps called for by the public to avoid the inevitable outcome (Monday). Superintendent Tom Horne is left with no other choice but to find TUSD out of compliance with HB2281.

The District ignored calls from the public to make the necessary changes to the curriculum and continues to re-segregate our community’s schools using desegregation funds. Attorneys for the Ethnic Studies teachers have publicly admitted that the courses are most likely out of compliance and are currently geared toward one ethnicity.

The re-segregation of our children’s schools is unacceptable under any circumstance. If it is found that TUSD, a nonpartisan public school support organization, has spent any part of one billion dollars of desegregation money toward the re-segregation of our children’s schools, then the TUSD Governing Board has acted in a reckless manner and has breached their fiduciary responsibilities.

TU4SD has reviewed course materials and spoken to parents, teachers and district administrators who have expressed concerns about the program and the possible loss of funding. It appears that Raza/Mexican/American course materials do not meet state requirements in U.S. history and ignore much of our history. The course syllabus contains no assignments or materials that refer to some of the most important topics in U.S. history. Instead it appears that the course promotes the idea that all of the southwestern part of the U.S. should be ceded over to the imaginary nation of Aztlan.

(TU4SD) will not support the re-segregation of our children’s schools and regret that the district was unwilling to seek the public’s input in this matter. The district has been plagued by scandals and administrative turnover and is not in a financial position to fight the law, or the 10 percent across the board funding cut if found to be out of compliance with the law.

The TUSD Governing Board ignored TU4SD’s requests to comply with HB228. The Governing Board ignored TU4SD’s proposed recommendations, Superintendent Tom Horne’s warnings, and Arizona State law.

Tucsonans United For A Sound District 

Golder Ranch grateful for all toy donations

On behalf of the Golder Ranch Fire District, I would like to extend a sincere thank-you to all of our district residents who donated so generously to the 2010 Toys for Kids Drive.

Golder Ranch Fire has been hosting the toy program for Catalina area children for the past 25 years. It has expanded from assisting a few dozen families to serving over 400 children this year. Many of these kids would go without if it were not for the care and concern of donors within the fire district.

Deserving of special recognition are the Catalina Crusaders and Ruth’s Players Pub. For the past nine years, this group has conducted fundraisers throughout the year to benefit the toy program. In December, they complete their efforts by holding a motorcycle poker run and auction in which all proceeds go directly to the toy program. The success of this venture has enabled the fire district to continue to provide and distribute toys to kids in our community in these tough times.

Recognition and thanks go out to the SaddleBrooke Sputters, Ladies Niners, SaddleBrooke Pickleball Club and the countless other clubs and units who contribute selflessly in SaddleBrooke and throughout the fire district. The residents of Sun City, Splendido and Desert Fairwinds retirement communities have also contributed beyond expectations over the years.

Last but not least, all of the individual gifts that are dropped off at our fire stations and area businesses are greatly appreciated, and add to the success of the program.

Golder Ranch Fire is proud to be a part of such a giving community and extend our many thanks to those of you who make it possible year after year.

Sue Clark, Golder Ranch Fire District community outreach

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