Letters to the editor published in the July 22, 2009, edition of The Explorer.

Scant attention being paid to county budget

With all the financial turmoil at the federal and state level, scant attention is being paid to Pima County.

At first, all seems well. The approved 2009-'10 combined county budget will be $1,371 million, or .5 percent less than the current 2008-'09 budget. A somewhat modest primary property tax increase of 4.35 percent is proposed.

So what is the concern? Well, how about the future?

1) The Pima County budget has increased 94 percent from 1998-2008 ($710 Mil.-$1,377 Mil.).

2) County population has only grown 28 percent in that time.

3) Inflation has grown 34 percent.

4) Pima County's debt now stands at over $750 Mil. This is nearly twice the total of all the other Arizona counties combined.

5) Pima County voters will soon be asked to go further into debt with a proposed $500 Mil bond issue. Fact, we are faced with declining property assessment values which will be used to compute the tax rate for the upcoming budgets and our excessively large current debt to be paid in future years. Who is going to pay these upcoming bills, and how? I'm sure that Mr. Huckleberry, and the board of supervisors who have this information, have planned ahead as any prudent board would.

There will be a Truth in Taxation Hearing at 9 a.m. Tuesday, July 28 at the PC Admin. Bldg., 130 W. Congress. Why not attend what should be an informative meeting? You might even have a question, since this might be a rare opportunity to discuss our future tax burden.

Tom Vana, Marana

Respect people, rather than callthem names

Last week, the Pima County Democratic Party labeled the Tucson Tea Party as an "extremist organization." What is extreme about peaceful assembly?

The participants of the local Tea Party dared to advocate for affordable and abundant domestic energy, the freedom to choose your own doctor, and the liberty to make your own arrangements for medical care.

It is the Democratic Congress and President Obama who are the extremists. They vote for massive increases in the size and role of government. Since the Democrats have gained complete control of the White House and both chambers of Congress, hundreds of thousands of jobs have been lost, our national debt has grown to over $12 trillion, and the government is trying to take control of every aspect of our lives.

It is time for simple and effective solutions that will make our nation stronger and more prosperous. America should utilize its own energy resources in order to lower prices and create jobs. We should decrease the costs of health care by reducing wasteful government intervention. We must limit outrageous lawsuits that prevent doctors from providing the best care. We ought to give consumers the opportunity to compare prices and choose their own levels of coverage across state lines. Buying health insurance should be as easy as going online to buy car insurance.

Sadly, Congresswoman Giffords has failed to provide leadership on any of these issues and has stood silently by as her own local Democratic Party has attacked honest, hardworking citizens with derogatory labels. It is time to respect the people of District 8 instead of calling them names.

Jesse Kelly, Candidate, Congressional District 8

Arizona should be grateful for Sen. Jon Kyl

"Spend more so we do not go bankrupt."

This is a statement made by our current vice president. Our money supply has quadrupled. What does this do to the dollar, and most important of all, what will happen when inflation starts?

Like many citizens, if I spent more to keep from going bankrupt, I would go bankrupt. I do not want to analyze this statement and the effect of our money supply quadrupling, but instead, I would like to take time to offer some recognition to Jon Kyl.

The state of Arizona is fortunate to have a state senator of his caliber. It is unfortunate that many would criticize Jon for his efforts. They certainly have a right for their opinion. Jon listens to his constituents; works for the common good and most important of all is honest. These are qualities that are difficult, if not rare, to find in most politicians today.

Jon has it right and is dedicated in maintaining the principles that were demonstrated by our founding fathers. I wonder if the opinion of those criticizing Jon's efforts matches his integrity and statesmanship?

Jon, thank you for your dedicated service, leadership and statesmanship.

Bob Black, Oro Valley

Elected service more than doing what people want

If, as Rick Cunnington suggests, we only want our elected officials to do what we want, we wouldn't need to elect them at all. We could simply express our views on line.

Besides, they already know what we want. We want everything, and we want to pay for nothing.

I expect more from my elected officials. First, I expect them to think for themselves. Second, I want them to act on the basis of their conclusions.

It is probably too much to expect them to make these decisions without worrying about whether or not they will be re-elected. But who knows? Courageous people just might be, if they took the chance.

Herbert S. White, Oro Valley

Omit Sandefer? It's a wonder the editor gets paid

Once again you have printed the amazing insight (or rather the lack there of) of your two political pundits rather than Sandefer's article.

The dribble these two characters put into an article is the same information we are bombarded with daily from multiple sources. Choices like this show that you have truly lost contact with your readers. This is the same mentality that has made so many turn away from biased news sources such as yours.

Here is a little insight -- print Sandefer, as the levity provided far out weights more of the same political garbage we hear day in and day out.

This brings me to the question of who signs your check as I believe they should be informed of your poor choices and inability to give your readers what they want. I look forward to your response.

Disgruntled, Arlo Ogden

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