Replacing Giffords by election would be costly

Ken Kinared may legitimately wish for someone to replace Congresswoman (Gabrielle) Giffords so that the district is not “cheated” of representation (“Give Giffords’ constituents a voice in Congress,” July 20, 2011). But Kinared had better learn basic U.S. Constitutional law first. A replacement House member may only be chosen by election, not appointment.

With the 2012 primaries soon upon us, it’s premature to even consider a costly special election. Instead, let’s hope that Giffords is able to overcome her substantial medical issues in order to continue to represent us.

Bob Kovitz, Northwest Tucson

Coyote Run story raises more questions

The recent Coyote Run story (The Explorer, July 20, 2011) brings to mind some indelicate questions that should be part of the discussion about service continuation:

1) Why don’t local residents transport their own kids, rather than rely on taxpayer-subsidized service?

2) Have they considered moving to Tucson so transportation isn’t an issue for them?

3) Specifically, what is wrong with Handi-car? Why would lower paid drivers provide poorer quality service? What does “quality” mean in this context? Although less perfect than CR, is Handi-car sufficient?

4) When budget problems adversely impact Town finances, are citizens obligated to dig a little deeper to continue funding all services, particularly one utilized by 1.5 percent of the population (2010 census is 52,807), irrespective of their own financial situation?

5) Would CR users be willing to pay the deficit, or part of it, out of their own funds to keep it going? Are they willing to sacrifice more to meet their own needs, rather than expect the Town of Oro Valley to sacrifice?  

6) Apparently, at least, Mr. Thompson believes the Town is responsible for his daughter’s transportation, as implied by his statement, “... they have to make sure the citizens are being taken care of.” Why is the Town responsible for his transportation need? Did he survey the neighborhood prior to moving to OV to establish willingness to take on that responsibility, and to maintain it in perpetuity? To what degree is the Town responsible for citizen needs and wants?  

I don’t necessarily believe Coyote Run should be eliminated. However, the public discussion should include all stake holders and all facets, and not just the emotional ones.

Rick Cunnington, Oro Valley

There is only one ‘pledge’ that matters

“I pledge allegiance to Grover Norquist ….” So begins the pledge (it seems) every Republican is required to recite prior to even running for office. This is secondary to the many other pledges candidates, or presumptive candidates, are signing to show their allegiance to one extreme group or another.  What a shame that they must kowtow to any group in order to get their votes.

The only pledge any candidate should take, and honor, is the Pledge of Allegiance to the United States of America, you know, the one we all learned in grade school. Those other so-called pledges are nothing more than words used to garner votes and, of course, to cast doubt on those who don’t take the pledge.

Jerry Lujan, SaddleBrooke

Unhappy with Obama’s actions

In response to Mr. Sanders’ letter, “Let’s work together to rebuild economy” (July 13, 2011), I would like to know where all the jobs are that he claims President Obama created? Why is our unemployment at 9.2 percent when during the campaign unemployment was no higher than 8 percent?

Why has our national debt increased more than $4 trillion since he took over? Why did he vote against increasing the national debt during the Bush years but now is asking that it be increased? How did President Clinton leave a surplus when turning the reins of government over to the Bush Administration?

If Mr. Sanders forgot raising taxes, I dread the thought of what President Obama would have done if 9/11 had happened during his watch. Few if any of his campaign promises have been (fulfilled). Our border security is worse than ever. There are still many people questioning his birth certificate, and why won’t he release his college records? He has much explaining to do before any party should cooperate with him.

In my opinion, he is the worst president this country has ever seen. We are becoming the laughing stock of the entire world with Obama as our president.

Henry Sheetz, Oro Valley

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