With paving, Marana is being proactive

In response to a letter to Mayor Ed Honea from Bruce Williams:

It appears to me the former town manager Bruce has not done his homework. There is a new interchange at I-10/Twin Peaks about to open. (I do not know, but maybe the cost of repaving Silverbell is included in this cost). I think we should thank the mayor and council for re-paving Silverbell in a timely manner and to coincide with the new I-10/Twin Peaks interchange.

In theory, the opening of this interchange will increase traffic along Silverbell Road. Sure, maybe we could have waited for a better economic time, but it's nice to see the mayor and council being proactive, not reactive. When Silverbell has the increased traffic, residents like Bruce would be calling and crying that the increased traffic is too noisy. Well, Bruce, the council already solved that problem in advance.

I'm not sure where Bruce was a city manager, but our town wants to be proactive. Marana is trying to bring in new business and residents to create a strong economy for our town. If you drive around Tucson, all you see are terrible roads. Tucson cannot seem to bring new businesses in. Look how they spend their money and look at how our money is spent and what our town looks like. Which place would you rather have your business or home in?

I hope the mayor and council continue to do the job they are doing, and Marana does not become another Tucson. Although we want new businesses and residents, maybe Bruce should move to Tucson proper so that he will not have to worry about having streets repaved, new business or new residents coming into his town. My guess is he lived in a city just like that before he retired.

John Crandall, Marana


Why would D8 voters want to give up Giffords?

The four GOP hopefuls who want Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords' seat are facing a big job. First, who are these four?

I must confess I have only heard of Johnathan Paton. He says he has experience passing legislation. Should we thank him for sparklers and guns in the classroom?

State Sen. Russell Pearce wrote a laudatory letter on behalf of Paton but endorsed Jesse Kelly.

I have never heard of Jesse Kelly or Andy Goss or Brian Miller, the other three hopefuls. They maintain the federal government spends too much money. Of course they don't say the money spent by the federal government saved us from total financial collapse. And they conveniently don't mention that a number of banks and others that received bailout funds have begun paying the federal government back with interest.

I see nothing in the four hopefuls that comes close to having the amazing success that Congresswoman Giffords has attained. Her record of achievements is powerful and positive. She is on three critical committees: Armed Services, Foreign Affairs, Science and Technology and Environment. She has supported 32 bills and amendments, a number of which have become law. She has co-sponsored 511 bills and amendments. She is on five Advisory Councils: Veterans, Military, Health Care, Aging and Solar Energy. She has brought 12 national policy makers to our district to listen to Southern Arizonans.

Add to this record over 500 district meetings and events in which she has been involved. There is so much more that she has done. Why would our congressional district give up all that experience, knowledge and effectiveness to one of these four unknowns?

Jim Brademas, SaddleBrooke


Calling down the thunder on 1070 opponent

In response to David Safier, May 18 …

There are so many holes in Safier's Swiss cheese argument that I don't know where to begin, to do such would require a dissertation of Safier's failings. Safier calls SB1070 "vile," "racist," and says Arizona is a "pariah state." Safier has gone off the deep, as is usually the case with liberals sympathetic to illegals who disrespect our laws, and expect that Americans will cower to their illegitimate demands and frivolous rhetoric. Clearly, Safier has ignored the fact that an overwhelming majority of people in Arizona approve of SB 1070.

Let us digress, however. Safier gave us three scenarios, but I will address only one. The scenario supposes this: Your church has some new members which are undocumented (code: illegal). You pick them up for church on Sunday. You believe that we are all God's children and it's your religious duty to help people pray at the church of their choice.

First, these churchgoers are undocumented — illegal. Tell me what legitimate church condones crossing the American border illegally, thus becoming a criminal, and then subsequently ignores this fact because as Safier says, "we are all God's children?" Does God now condone breaking laws? No legitimate church would protect a criminal; to do such in the name of God is despicable.

Second, illegal is not a "race" of people, it is a crime. California has nearly the identical law. SB 1070 provides a disincentive to law breaking and helps purge the undesirables in our society. Do illegals get a free pass? I think not.

People like Mr. Safier do not believe in American sovereignty and our right to enforce our own laws. SB1070 only affects those people that have come to the U.S. illegally, period. Even the most ignorant person understands this, but what is even more absurd is having to defend SB1070 in the first place. Make no mistake, we are in the midst of a cultural revolution.

I am calling down the thunder on you, Mr. Safier. Stand up and be an honorable American or relinquish your citizenship and get out.

Vincent S. Pettis, Tucson


Grijalva can't support any illegal activity

Raul Grijalva – you say, "… I called on national and regional groups not to hold their conventions or conferences in the state until it (SB1070) was overturned. Since then, my position has been misinterpreted as a call for indiscriminate general sanctions against the state."

Raul, you're a savvy politician, what did you think would happen? Let's talk the Gem Show as an example. You convince them to go somewhere else instead of Tucson. Don't you realize the money they bring to Tucson? Think of it as a business losing market share to a competitor – so easy to lose, yet extremely tough to win back.

You explain how you support small businesses by telling them how to get loans and assistance from governmental sources. Where do these government sources get the money? Tax-paying businesses and citizens.

Illegal aliens are a disproportionate part of the support structure. You say, "There's no reason a strong economy and respect for civil rights can't co-exist." But when 500,000-plus people in our state are consuming state benefits without supporting the system, we are not on a path to a strong economy.

Add to it all of the day-to-day encounters citizens see: public school funding spent educating illegal aliens while our kids and teachers are getting short-changed; had a car accident lately — what are the odds the other driver has insurance or a drivers license?; the border struggle feeds drugs into the U.S. which increases crime and overburdens the legal and penal systems. This is all spiraling in the wrong direction.

I'm an eternal optimist, I like most everyone, and I have deep empathy for anyone struggling in life. At the same time though, living here illegally is like stealing from the rest of us.

As a representative, you cannot responsibly support anything illegal – even federal law. Your leadership should be securing the border and finding acceptable ways to let people immigrate legally so they become part of the support structure.

Raul, we agree to disagree, I'm sure. But remember that we citizens have the right to vote for someone else.

Phil Roper, Oro Valley


At least the north sheriffs enforce laws

Mr. Arnold states the sheriff said, if we arrested all the illegals it would cause over crowding at the jail.

So we just stop arresting criminals because we don't have room?

Also, according to media sources, right now the jail has four empty housing units. They are ready to go and have the staff, just no criminals to put in them.

It also said the sheriff did not understand "reasonable suspicion." Wow, over 40 years in law enforcement and he does not understand reasonable suspicion. His officers do. Reasonable suspicion is the amount of suspicion a reasonable person would need to conclude there has been a crime committed or it warrants further investigation. Law enforcement officers use it every day.

Well, at least the sheriffs north of us in Maricopa County and Pinal County are enforcing all the laws.

Denise Rose, Tucson


Grijalva should lead, follow or get out of way

Raul Grijalva needs to lead, follow, or get out of the way on immigration.

During his many years as a local pol and now a federal one, he has done nothing to rid our country and state of criminals coming across the border. He has betrayed the citizens of this country and failed to honor the oaths of office he swore to uphold.

True leaders solve problems and get things accomplished. They don't offer excuses or act as obstructionists. Grijalva and his minions continue to waste considerable amounts of tax dollars conducting sham hearings, filing frivolous lawsuits, making unfounded statements, etc., in an attempt to deceive the public into thinking that illegals have a right to be here, and that the state / country has no right to get rid of them. His calls for boycotts of Arizona (in any form) are a disgraceful act.

He and his peeps describe those of us who want the rule of law imposed on illegals as racists and bigots. Look in the mirror Raul, et.al.

He should not be re-elected.

Tom Sander, Tucson


OV can show it cares with Coyote Run

I agree with Bill Adler and letter-writer Terry Thompson 100 percent concerning last week's article concerning the future of Coyote Run.

A small utility tax dedicated to transit is in order to insure this fine service does not get handed over to the Regional Transportation Authority. The RTA would not look at the specific needs of our citizens, and would eventually turn it into the same service surrounding communities complain about.

We in Oro Valley are fortunate to have an award-winning paratransit system that serves its senior and disabled citizens in a way no other local service has been able to emulate. Let's not give that most unique distinction up and find a way to fund Coyote Run in its entirety. Oro Valley's retirees and special needs citizens deserve to be valued. Let's show them how much they are.

Charles Rossi, Oro Valley


Readers want border facts, nothing more

Re: "Apprehensions in Tucson Sector Down" by Patrick McNamara, June 9:

A little bit of investigative reporting would have pointed out the Border Patrol usually apprehends one in four illegals attempting to make entry. If 241,000 illegals aliens were apprehended in FY2009, simple math tells us nearly 1 million made it across safely.

Then Napolitano proudly boasts about the seizure of $85.7 million. Uh, Janet, since the cartels make between $30-$50 billion per year, nabbing 2-3 percent is chump change. It's the cost of doing business and they anticipate it.

I suggest reporters start using their heads instead of regurgitating political talking points. Readers want the facts, nothing but the facts.

Stan Wald, Oro Valley

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