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Posted: Tuesday, June 29, 2010 11:00 pm

'Unspoken' plans for 'gigantic' new 'fill in Marana

A lot of people attended the special town council meeting on June 22, where several experts provided input about the proposed Marana Landfill. Many questions remain unanswered.

Council member Jon Post asked Mr. Racy some questions about the size of the proposed landfill and the amount of trash generated. I do not believe Mr. Racy answered the questions accurately.

I believe that the landfill owner, whoever it may be in the future, will bring in trash and garbage from many places around Arizona. The more loads, the more money they make. Garbage is the same as any other commodity in the world and we cannot stop it from being dumped in our local landfill. It is against the law to do so. They can dump garbage from all 50 states here and we cannot stop them.

An article by Hudson Sangree, published June 21, 2010 in the Sacramento Bee, provides interesting trends everyone should know about.

In Northern California, a company called Recology wants to haul all of San Francisco's garbage 130 miles by train to rural Yuba County, near the town of Wheatland and it wants to transport other urban Bay Area trash 400 miles by rail to a proposed landfill near Winnemucca, in Nevada's Black Rock Desert.

Sacramento's trash is trucked 140 miles over the Sierra Nevada each night to a remote landfill east of Reno.

Hawaii is pushing a plan to ship garbage 2,500 miles to Washington state.

New York City hauls its refuse to rural landfills in Pennsylvania, Virginia and South Carolina.

Garbage is shipped by rail in many areas because it is more economical.

I urge you on behalf of thousands of residents to not believe this will only be a local dump. Now could be your only chance to really have a say in this decision. Speak up. I believe there are "unspoken" plans for the gigantic landfill and all the tipping fees in the country may not be enough to clean up the mess it may create for our children and grandchildren.

Steve Storzer, Rural Marana



Why take so much from Steam Pump?

I am writing about the new OV budget plan.

It makes me really sad to hear that the town is withdrawing $470,000 from the restoration project.

This is a very historic site. It practically made Oro Valley become a town. It was a stop for travelers from Tucson. This made inns, bars, markets, and residents to that part of Southern Arizona.

I think that they could have withdrawn less money from the project instead of taking half of their budget away.

Sean Moss, Oro Valley



Time to shut down Tucson road cameras

Having recently attended a defensive driving class in order to avoid messing up my perfect driving record, I thought the violation charge of $322 was excessive and disturbing. The class cost was $218, but it was my only option.

Attendees in the class were primarily cited for red light violations, most of which were at the corner of Oracle and River roads. The chief complaints from the attendees concerned the three-second amber timing for such a large intersection. When a motion before the Tucson City Council to extend the amber timing to four seconds to conform to Arizona law, it was rejected with only the newly elected member voting for the extension of the timing.

It is debatable as to whether or not these photo cameras are effective in reducing major accidents. I live in Casa Adobes outside the city and now intend to patronize only the businesses in my area, Oro Valley and Marana.

I say to the city council members, this is the only option I have at my disposal. The cameras have proved to be a money-making scheme and need to be shut down.

Glen E. Huffman, Casas Adobes



We need a little less of her 'experience'

How did Gabrielle Giffords become so experienced in just four years? Perhaps she isn't quite as experienced as Jim Brademas likes to believe.

Four years ago, Gabrielle Giffords was a little-known state senator. A combination of a weak Republican candidate and Giffords' masterful political skills won her the CD 8 seat. Her political skills are perfectly exemplified by Willie Brown, the very leftwing former speaker of the California Assembly from 1981 thru 1995. Willie was fond of saying that the successful politician has to be able to look a person in the eye, smile, take their money, and then stab them in the back. Chicago politics at its finest. Giffords is the consummate master of just that tactic.

I've been to a few of the district meetings Jim alluded to. Giffords will smile sweetly and tell you exactly what you want to hear, make you believe she actually cares what you think and will carry your water for you in Washington. She will be all things to all people. She will sound wonderful.

Then she will ignore whatever she told you and do exactly whatever her boss Pelosi tells her to do, irrespective of the wishes of the majority of CD8. After Giffords does the opposite of what her constituency wants, she likes to justify it by stating "it is the right ting to do" or some other equally simple-minded excuse. What she leaves out is that it is only the right thing to do because Pelosi demands absolute allegiance.

Why give up on Giffords? Because she is a Pelosi puppet, a staunch believer in and supporter of the radical, fascist agenda of the Pelosi / Reid / Obama triumvirate. That, and we can't afford her. Perhaps if a few of the bills she sponsored or co-sponsored had failed we wouldn't be on the verge of a financial collapse. Every time government acts, it costs us money and liberty. We need a little less of that "experience."

Rick Cunnington, Oro Valley



Advocacy for nuclear power a concern for all

Senator Melvin's advocacy for atomic energy should be of concern for all Arizona.

In an Explorer op-ed, he states "Alternate energy plan(s) must include atomic energy" and "Arizona has the political will to do this." More alarming is his advocacy for an international "nuclear fuel recycling" facility (nuclear dump) in Arizona.

Republicans insist on taking technology for the greatest WMD ever known and making it into an expensive, hazardous electrical power plant. There are better alternatives. A tank can be made that flies, but why bother? There are reasons why Three Mile Island plant II was abandoned to melt down and why Yucca Mountain was closed.

Melvin would have us believe the French and European Union are happy with nuclear power plants. Only 20 percent favor nuclear power, and 33 percent oppose it. The town of Bure, France was furious when a local politician named Dos'e convinced his fellow legislators that Bure wanted to be the French nuclear dump site (sound familiar). There still is much opposition. What happens when there is a earthquake, or the water table gets contaminated in the forever after?

Senator Melvin says "the rest of the world … burns and recycles … 95 percent of its nuclear fuel." Not so. This process is only being researched. It creates 3 percent of waste, which is High Level energy and must be stored aboveground to cool for several decades before it can be buried.

Melvin says the US Navy operates on "nuclear power … without incident." Not so. A reactor for the "Seawolf" was scuttled off the East Coast. Two nuclear submarines with nuclear weapons have been lost at sea and another sank in San Francisco Bay. Fires of "undetermined" origin have occurred on nuclear ships and many incidents of radioactive cooling water being dumped are on record. The DOD record includes bombers accidentally dropping weapons and crashing with weapons aboard. The record is tragic, not without incident as Melvin says.

I laud the Navy for its profitable geothermal power plant at China Lake.

We must not allow Senator Melvin and his Phoenix friends to put a radioactive cloud over sunny Arizona forever.

Ben F. Love, Oro Valley



Should tax-backed entities give to Giffords?

The University of Arizona, a tax-supported institution, is currently the largest contributor to Gabrielle Giffords re-election campaign. Is this why we passed an education-benefiting sales tax increase?

For the 2008 campaign, Pima County was among the largest contributors. Obviously Pima County is a tax-supported entity.

I wonder how many other candidates are receiving contributions from tax-supported entities? Whether you're a Democrat, Republican or other, I hope, like me, you find it alarming and unacceptable that your tax dollars are directed to campaigns you may not favor.

Clearly we need campaign reform.

Ken Kinared, Oro Valley



He cautioned Giffords on the District 8 mood

I am sorry that Congresswoman Giffords has chosen to be a two-term representative for Az District 8. I voted for her twice in the hope that she would keep her word and truly be a representative of her constituents. This has not been the case.

Before her votes on "cap and trade," the "stimulus" bill and "Obamacare," I wrote letters cautioning her on the mood of District 8, to no avail. Obviously the self-interest "perks" received for being a Pelosi puppet were more important than keeping her word to represent the desires of District 8 voters.

Give her credit for legislation on energy, but her votes on the above-mentioned fiscal and social issues were deliberate, knowing it did not represent the will of her district's majority.

She may come to Arizona and dress western for photo ops, but she is not one of us.

Whoever the Republicans nominate this year will get my vote for change.

Dr. Joseph L. Holden, Catalina



Churches not instruments of the state

Re: Letter writer's response to David Safier column of May 18:

The letter writer seems not to understand that the church is not an instrument of the American state. We do have a wall of separation, and the church is not obligated to support laws which it considers immoral, such as laws on segregation, slavery, war, or even on immigration. It may or may not, as the conscience of the church dictates.

To suppose that "no legitimate church would protect a criminal" reveals an ignorance of the Christian church, both in its formative years and in recent times. Christians were martyred by the thousands for maintaining criminal beliefs that were in direct violation of Roman law. The church did what it could to protect them.

The churches in Eastern Europe, especially in Hungary, were a bastion of illegal, anti-Soviet activity during the years of communist suppression. In America, churches provided way stations for the Underground Railroad. The illegal sit-ins and marches of Martin Luther King and other civil rights leaders were generated in churches throughout the South.

Local Tucson churches provided sanctuary to refugees that would be tortured or killed if returned to their native lands. The mission of the church is not to prove its legitimacy to someone who threatens to "bring down the thunder." It is to spread its message and to encourage love, justice, and humanity as its original founder taught.

Doug Sanders, Tucson

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