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Letters to the editor published in the August 17, 2011, edition of The Explorer.

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Posted: Wednesday, August 17, 2011 3:00 am

Despite heroism, Giffords is not able to represent us

Bob Kovitz is absolutely correct (“Replacing Giffords by election would be costly,” July 27, 2011) regarding the process for replacing a vacancy in the U.S. House of Representatives. There is no excuse for ignorance. I apologize to the readers. 

However, we remain unrepresented in Congresswoman Gifford’s district. We have been preached to about the importance of every vote at election time. 

The potential expense of not having a vote representing our district far outweighs the expense of a special election. 

I recognize Congresswoman Giffords made an heroic effort to vote on the debt ceiling bill. That alone is proof she is not yet capable of expending the energy necessary to represent us. 

I believe Congresswoman Giffords should resign so we may employ the process provided in the Constitution to fill what, as a practical matter, is a vacancy.


Ken Kinared

Time for Democrats to stand up for beliefs

We are watching a slow lynching of Barack Obama’s presidency, and he is compromising on the size of the noose. Enough compromise. It is time to stand firm against the tyranny of the Tea Party and other right-wing zealots.

It is time for the Democratic Party to reframe itself as the party of the people, the party of progress. It is time to go to the streets and shout, “I’m mad as hell, and I’m not going to take it anymore.”

There comes a point at which compromise becomes acquiescence.

Doug Mitchell, Northwest Tucson

Believes he knows why Marana supports Rosemont Copper

In last week’s edition, while reading the letter from Mr. Kurtis (“Mine’s scar will forever remain,” Aug. 10, 2011) regarding Marana’s support for the Rosemont Copper Mine, I, too, wondered why the town would get involved.

Afterall, the proposed mine and its resulting adverse environmental impacts are miles away. Marana will not see any direct benefit from the overuse of the groundwater; ruining the natural habitat (20 years, but, the desecration will last forever) nor the 400 temporary jobs it will generate. Even the profits will go to Canada, not to Marana.

I wondered about all this until I noticed the ad for the Music in the Park event on page 7 (of The Explorer). Lo and behold, this town event is “Sponsored by: Rosemont Copper.”


John Lutzel, Marana

Let’s send what our troops need

God bless our troops. All of them. Those serving overseas and those here at home. Those on active duty and those who serve in the National Guard and Reserve.

They serve because they love America and want to do what is right for her. That is something that certain members of Congress should observe and act accordingly.

I have helped pack and ship hundreds and hundreds of care packages to deployed troops.  They are filled with items those who are deployed have asked for. None of them have ever asked to have tea bags included.

Salsa, yes. Tea bags, never.  

Jerry Lujan, SaddleBrooke

Residents should pay their share for fire service

The problems associated with fire district annexations, as explained in the Aug. 10 article (“MVFD to cease service in annexation areas”), are remarkable.

It seems counterproductive to allow homeowners to decide whether or not they will pay taxes to support the local fire district. We all pay taxes to provide for services and structures we need to function as an orderly society.

Fire and emergency protection is one of those very, very basic things. I live in the Golder Ranch Fire District, and I am happy and proud to pay my taxes to support and protect my community.

I expect my neighbors (whose fire could spread to my property) to do the same.

Jo M. Holt, Oro Valley

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1 comment:

  • fsapone posted at 6:01 pm on Sun, Aug 21, 2011.

    fsapone Posts: 2

    Democrats, the feel sorry for myself party. When I read some of these comments it's hard not to laugh, until you realize how misinformed most of them are. One reader from Saddlebrook claims to know what our troops need. Salsa, he says but never tea bags. Can he be that far out of touch that he doesn't even understand that "tea bag" is a gay slur? Or how about the fact that only 44% of our troops voted for Obama and that includes all minorities which is a large part of our military. God bless them all!
    Another genius wants the Dems to take to the streets and become the "party of the people". Be my guest, all of us need a good laugh in times like these. To think that his rationalization is because some members of congress want to balance the budget. Duh! Balance the budget, something the democrats couldn't do for the last two and a half years. But who needs a balanced budget, right? We can just tax the rich more and more. That will take care of at least 1% of the problem with the deficit.
    Then we have Safier. I'm sure he still has a McGovern sticker on his bumper, along with Kerry and Obama. This guy taught kids? He talks about "class warfare" and has no clue whatsoever what the hell is right or wrong. Quoting Woody Guthrie for crying out loud! Blames everything on the Republicans and, of course, George Bush. Please, will you start to act like a grownup instead of such a big crybaby? If Jesus Christ ran as a Republican, he would still vote for the Democrat running against him.
    Get Obama out of office, balance the budget, vote out any congressman or senator that belongs to a lobyists, set term limits, reduce all government workers pay and benefits, including the House and Senate, protect Social Security, police and punish all who misuse Medicare, government loans and their respective government postions, and last , but not least, elect a President who is a real leader, doesn't apologize for anything the United States has done in the past, and has the balls to move this country forward!

    Frank Sapone
    Oro Valley, AZ


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