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Correcting the blatant examples

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Posted: Tuesday, May 19, 2009 11:00 pm

So much inaccuracy, so few words to cover it all. The following are some of the most blatant examples of poor and repetitious reporting of things that just aren't so. Closer examination by a biased and lazy mainstream media would correct the following.

American guns in Mexico — The oft-repeated claim is that 90 percent of the illegal guns confiscated by the Mexican government come from the United States. Not hardly. About 30,000 were grabbed last year. Descriptions of only about 6,000 were sent here for tracing. Ninety percent of those came from the United States, or less than 20 percent of the grand total.

Anyone competently reporting this would ask other pertinent questions. What about the rest? While many are of foreign manufacture and origin, many more probably did come from here. They were sold or given to the Mexican military and police, over 100,000 of whom have defected to the drug cartels and probably brought their guns with them. American firearms also come in from other nations supplied by the American government. Both the American and Mexican governments probably wouldn't like this part of the story told.

The myth that Mexican drug lords arm themselves via gun shows in the Southwest is obviously ludicrous to anyone with a basic knowledge of weaponry. Druggies like real military assault rifles, not the look-alikes, while rocket-propelled grenades are not available to our citizens at gun shows or anywhere else. And please remember, Mexico is basically a police state, if an inept one. Some of those American guns confiscated no doubt came from decent people attempting to arm themselves against the thugs their government can't control.

Forty eight million Americans do not have health insurance — Assuming this guestimate is close to correct, let's go further with that number. A minimum of 12 million of those are not Americans but illegal aliens, if you take the lowest estimate of that population. Some may have jobs good enough to give them benefits under their fake identities, so make it 10 million.

There are also 15 million American children eligible for existing health insurance benefits for which their parents haven't signed them up for a variety of reasons, many bogus. And there also millions of Americans, mostly healthy, cocky younger ones, who prefer not to sign up for the plans they are eligible to join even though the cost is reasonable.

Forty-eight million is a phony number used by the Single Payer Lobby to downgrade the current system of medical care and inflate the supposed need for it.

Arizona is 49th / 50th /negligent in education — The wailing mantra chanted with great regularity by teacher's unions, overpaid school district bureaucrats, Democrat political hacks, and the rubes they have hustled leads where all phony arguments go — to personal attacks and false claims about the motivation of those who disagree.

Real budget cuts have been minimal and how much money goes per pupil per state has to consider all funding sources — some states get more federal aid than others, etc., but park that argument for a moment and try this one.

If Arizona is so bad for being on the bottom, then those on top should be our role models. Who's numero uno? New Jersey, co-incidentally the highest-taxed state in the union and also, if not in first place, close to it in corruption. HBO didn't park Tony Soprano there for nothing.

How about number three – Washington, D.C. Wanna follow their lead?

Any intelligent discussion of school finances indicates that just counting the bucks does not indicate a successful system. Real school poverty lies in the childish manner too many have used in attempting to frame the education debate.

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