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Letters to the editor published in the December 21, 2011, edition of The Explorer.

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Posted: Wednesday, December 21, 2011 3:55 am

Explorer is liberal trash

Just picked up and read The Explorer for the first time in a few months and I was amazed at what a biased liberal agenda has been moved into the newspaper.  Not sure where that came from. I threw the paper away at first, but then dug it back out of the trash so I can call the advertisers you have that I have frequented and will let them know I will not frequent there anymore if they continue to advertise in your biased paper.  In this day and age we have many options for every retail or commercial product all very close to my house and my dollars will follow my viewpoint that your paper does not represent anymore.

 Go back to your old more balanced format.


David Parker, Oro Valley

OV Christmas bonuses unfair

In the Dec. 14 issue of the Explorer, it was told that both the Town of Marana and the Town of Oro Valley will be providing Christmas bonuses to their respective employees this year.

Employees of both towns have not received pay increases for at least the past three years, while the cost of things like fuel, groceries, health care premiums, and pension contributions have increased.

While I applaud these gestures of appreciation from both towns, I’m a bit dismayed at the way that Oro Valley went about implementing the bonus for its employees. Marana is giving its employees a lump sum of $450 to be used however they see fit – to pay for groceries, go Christmas shopping, or even just to pay their electric bill or auto insurance.

However, the Town of Oro Valley decided to approve a lesser amount of $200 for its employees and, more importantly, the money comes in the form of an Oro Valley gift card that must be used inside of Oro Valley at one of several approved businesses.

It appears that the Oro Valley Town Council is only willing to give out a bonus under the condition that the money be used for Oro Valley businesses so that the town can reap the tax benefits.

It’s quite sad that they couldn’t give a Christmas bonus to their underpaid employees without attaching some strings in order to benefit themselves in the process.

Skip Stevens, Oro Valley

Newspapers are valuable

I just have to write about something that really irks me. I walk around the neighborhoods, both here in the winter, and at home in Ohio and see our local, free newspapers, lying on the curb or driven over in the driveways way too much.

Don’t people realize they are a source of much interesting and useful local info and ads? I read ours eagerly and save it until the following Thursday.

Even if they didn’t order it, and don’t want it, they could at least get up out of their recliners, pick it up and put it in the recycling bin.

Enough said. Keep up the good work, and thanks for listening.

Gail Powell, Homerville, Ohio

Sound Walls are gaudy

As a homeowner in Oro Valley, I am pleased that La Canada Drive has been completed as it provides a smooth, effective ride on an extensively used thoroughfare.

However, I cannot believe the Sound Walls had any pre-planning thought put into them.  These are simply gaudy.

What happened to simple and consistent?  As you look around in Tucson there are many wonderful examples of Sound Walls that one could attempt to emulate.  This is the worst collection of a hodge-podge that I’ve ever seen; and truly an embarrassment. 

What was the thought here?   The colors are not consistent. The placement is not consistent.  The designs are not consistent.  It looks like kindergarten art time at best.  

If I have guests, I’ll take Oracle, unless it’s nighttime.

John Spitler, Oro Valley

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  • nwpropmgr posted at 1:59 pm on Wed, Dec 28, 2011.

    nwpropmgr Posts: 3

    RE: Explorer is liberal trash

    Mr. Parker... you ok? You seem so angry and don't seem to know what you are talking about. Can we call someone for you?



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