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Letters to the editor published in the April 6, 2011, edition of The Explorer.

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Posted: Wednesday, April 6, 2011 3:00 am

Pharmacies offer easy-open bottle caps

Since I am also retired, I enjoy reading James Sandefer’s column. Regarding his March 30 column (“It’s the lid that may eventually kill me”), I definitely agree with him concerning those blankatee-blank “senior-proof” prescription bottle caps. An 8-year-old could probably open one without trouble, but not me!.

But I wonder what pharmacy he uses? At my pharmacy (Safeway at Silverbell and Twin Peaks), my wife and I simply signed a simple waiver and we now get our prescriptions with simple snap-off caps. I recently had to get a compounded prescription from the Apothecary Shop on Orange Grove, and I got such a cap simply by asking.

Maybe James should checkout another pharmacy....

Larry East, Marana

Vavra defends opinion of Sen. Melvin

Regarding my opinion on Sen. Melvin’s disregard for the best interests of the citizens of his district (“Melvin should better serve Pima County,” March 23, 2011), I submit the following facts. First, I have contacted Sen. Melvin on two occasions to express my concerns about his actions – first, to his office email and second, to his personal email. I have yet to receive so much as an acknowledgement of my emails. I assume he does not want to hear from the opposition and that further contact is meaningless.

Secondly, my assertion that his vote amounted to political payback comes from a quote attributed to Russell Pearce. According to the East Valley Tribune  (March 17, 2011), Senate President Russell Pearce said the provision was in the bill because Sheriff Dupnik wouldn’t enforce SB 1070:

“That was by design,’’ said Senate President Russell Pearce, R-Mesa.

“The sheriff says he’s not going to enforce the law,’’ Pearce said Wednesday night. “Why would I fund him?’’

If this is not political payback then I don’t know what is. We all know that Melvin votes in lock step with his mentor so what other conclusion would you draw?

Mr. Black (“We all need to learn how to serve better,” March 30, 2011), if you choose to attack me personally, I suggest you get your facts straight. Shame on Sen. Melvin. I do know how the political process is supposed to work. Apparently Sen. Melvin does not.


Jim Vavra, Saddlebrooke

Zinkin continues same old arguments

While the basic premise of Mr. Zinkin’s letter ("Oro Valley needs to review its budget," March 23, 2011) regarding costs in Oro Valley has merit, his targets are all wrong and are simply a continuation of the same old arguments that he and his supporters have been brandishing about for many months.

Oro Valley residents want a strong police force and one that is not modeled after and comparable to Pima County, as Mr. Zinkin suggests. You would think that message would have been clearly received after the last election. All of the anti-police candidates lost by convincing margins.

There is no doubt we need to reduce costs in Oro Valley. Some of the sacred cows need to sacrificed. We are still over staffed in some areas.

But the greatest problem we face is the age old game of numbers shuffling. Oro Valley has a history of under-budgeting revenue and over budgeting expenses. It has been going on since I moved here in 1996. Unfortunately we have never had a strong enough town manager to put a stop to this game so that decisions could be based on facts. By the same token we have not had a town council strong enough to see through this game and put their foot down. I believe the latter may have come to an end with some on this council.

Don Cox, Oro Valley

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