Safier went too far with hatred for republicans

Dave Safier needs to attend the upcoming Concert for Civility and then attend training put on by the Fund for Civility, Respect and Understanding.  Dave’s columns consistently ooze vitriol and hatred for all things Republican or conservative, with his recent column (printed Nov. 16) being way over the top on the hatred and incivility scale.  Apparently Dave thinks spewing vitriol and hatred toward any and all who don’t tow his party line is perfectly fine.  His hypocrisy is obvious.

We could only be so lucky if Republicans were able to dismantle government and privatize government services, especially education.  The standard DNC position that more and more taxpayer money will somehow magically fix the broken educational system can be objectively proven to be a dismal failure based upon actual measured outcomes.  There is a strong inverse correlation between taxpayer funded money and outcome. 

However, from the Democrat point of view public schools are highly successful because they provide an enormous guaranteed source of cash to fund Democrat reelection (In 2010 teachers unions were the largest source of DNC cash), which is all the Democrat elites care about. 

And with the Dave Safier’s of the world so thoroughly brainwashed while collecting a generous publicly funded pension after a relatively short career with a guaranteed lucrative income for part-time work and gold-plated benefits , the pressure will remain. 

If the Democrat elites actually cared about educational outcome they’d willingly expand for-profit private public schools with parents receiving vouchers.  That is proven to work well in case after case.  But unfortunately, for Democrat elites that would erase their single biggest source of reelection cash, so improving education will never be allowed to occur.  Too bad for the kids. 

Those who care about educational outcome along with overall liberty and prosperity will be cheerleading the Republicans.

Rick Cunnington

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