Letters to the editor published in the September 23, 2009, edition of The Explorer.

Maybe OV is in need of new police chief

When I read the article "Police unions take aim at OV manager,"  I was shocked. This sounds like "Chicago" politics.

The fact that Chief Sharp stated that he was not aware of what was going on tells me that perhaps Oro Valley needs a new chief.

Maybe we should look a little bit north to Pinal County and use Sheriff Paul Barbeau as an example on how to run a police department. This gentleman is sooo "sharp" (no pun intended) that he knows how to be responsible for what his department does. I can't imagine Sheriff Barbeau stating that "he was not involved in union activities," implying that he did not know what was going on. Please. Chief Sharp always appears to have someone else be the "fall guy" for him.

I also can't imagine Sheriff Barbeau allowing this sneaky type of "interview," which was an impromptu police union negotiation with a contingent from both police groups and numerous officers  and recording the meeting without telling Andrews. What kind of tactic is that? I have respect for the Oro Valley Police, but unfortunately not their boss.

It appears as though Sheriff Barbeau needs to take over the OV Police's head position, maybe make Chief Sharp an assistant so that he can learn from him, which would help to improve the residents' respect for the position.

Geri Ottoboni, Oro Valley

Marana people have lost their multiple rights

Friend, it is clear, we the people have lost our rights. We have lost both our property rights and our civil rights.

Marana staff, Marana Town Council and planning commission have worked systematically to legislate convenience over rights and due process. This allows for conflict of interest and corruption. Other community activists have noted that Marana's general ordinances and codes are loose and wide open to interpretation. A review of the general plans, ordinances and codes is in order before any more communities are destroyed by special interests.

Title 10 of the code is both appalling and conflicting. There are good sections of Title 10. The town will not enforce these codes. Enforcement in these areas is not in the town's best interests. An example the town was caught not notifying citizens of a zone change from E to Heavy Industry. Title 10 states "If we do not notify you, this is not grounds for court." The certified mail process was eliminated in 2007. More doors to corruption.

Marana Estates have taken their case outside of Marana and asked for an investigation. We have involved outside state and federal legislators as well as legal departments.

Stop voting these low-caliber people in. If someone is running for office and they get slandered, that's the one you vote for. It's been a tradition in Marana for the good old boys club, consisting of old family clans, big property owners and managers, to slander the candidate that can most help the taxpayers. Status quo is their goal.

Educate the taxpayers and voters how the development system works. Push for an ordinance that supports this type of education. This must be part of the review process.

Phyllis Farenga, Marana Estates

(This letter was shortened – Ed.)

Is safety of public OV chief's aim?

In response to Bill Garner's comment in McNamara's article, "Police unions take aim at OV Manager" where Garner says, "We have to get to the bottom of why we keep having these old wounds reopened." I submit the following observations.

Hybris, the Greek concept of a tragic flaw in men who potentially are great leaders, may explain how the police unions, Chief Sharp and the town manager continue to resurface.

Those Greek protagonists displayed exaggerated pride, arrogance, unusual vindictiveness towards their enemies, and disregard for basic moral laws. In the tragedies these flaws resulted in the protagonist's own destruction.

"Hybris" may undermine and color Chief Sharp's effectiveness in working for the TOV.

Sharp, angered because Andrews and council forced cuts, used his relationship with his officers to involve their unions. Arrogantly, Sharp refused to accept financial limits. How Chief Sharp and the police officers maintain that they are exempt from a national economic crisis is out of touch with reality.

The tone and intent of isolating Andrews in the Aug. 13 meeting and recording him without his express consent feels like a surprise attack. It was easier for the two police unions to engage Andrews alone than to handle the seven-member town council as a group.

Sharp defiantly procrastinated for six months. His behavior suggests he thinks that directives apply to others, not him. Meanwhile, all departments complied with the directive to trim their budgets.

Unions accused Andrews of compromising public safety. Yet Chief Sharp's drafted plan for surveillance fund was to purchase a $250K commando car for himself. However, the PD owns only one battery-operated surveillance camera. If protecting 48,454 OV residents concerns Sharp, why didn't he budget camera money? Chief, is public safety your priority?

In law enforcement for 30 years, a 4.0 NAU grad, Masters, FBI Academy graduate, and Sharp earns $140k annually. Those qualities make a cocktail for success. Yet Sharp defies authorities, procrastinates assignments, enables protests from his officers, sabotages the buyout.

In my opinion, Sharp's hybris overshadows all his qualifiers.

Council, when will you discipline and act?

Michelle Saxer, Oro Valley

Take a breath, think about 'truth,' 'lies'

Dear editor,

Re: Mr. Greg Steed letter 9/9:

My, my we do get testy in our letters to the editor. Let's take a deep breath and think on two words, "truth" and "lies."

The truth is, Sen. Al Melvin has always welcomed opposing views at his town hall meetings with respect, calmness and facts.

Can Mr. Steed or anyone, give an example (to quote Mr. Steed) where Sen. Melvin was "whiny, gave contemptuous glares, belittled attendees and particularly can anyone give an occasion when Sen. Melvin ever called anyone a vulgar name?"

The lie is that Ms. Giffords is a moderate Democrat (and she can talk the talk, knowing that the majority of Americans are not liberal), but her voting record, which is the only thing that matters, is left and liberal.

Remember, passion for the truth will set you free. Passion for lies will destroy you and our nation.

Respectfully submitted,

Mona Moehring, Tucson

Safier must have selected memory, like most liberals

We wouldn't want to confuse the seeds of blind hatred being sown on talk radio and Fox News with nice things being said about Republicans / conservatives and anybody that doesn't support Obama's policies by MSNBC, CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC and Move-on.org.

Safier must be younger than he looks if he doesn't remember the Democratic National Convention in 1968 or the Viet Nam war protests. My guess is he has selected memory like most liberals.

Al McDonald, Oro Valley

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