Letters to the editor appearing in the May 7 issue.

Latas and Co. have injected partisanship into OV’s elections

Since its inception, Oro Valley has prided itself on conducting non-partisan elections for Town Council. That all came to an end when Latas and company blatantly collaborated with the Pima County Democratic Party and injected significant monies, phone call banks, and deliberate misinformation into the “equation.”

Recent minutes of a Sun City Democratic Club meeting included (“Mission To Be Accomplished”) the stated goal of supporting all of the Democratic candidates for office- national, state and local, presumably on the basis of party affiliation rather than ability, knowledge, preparedness, decisiveness or dedication.

Such divisiveness, which promotes political ideology above what is in the overall best interests of our town, does not bode well for the future of our citizens.

Unfortunately, we can expect that all future town elections will be pitting Republicans against Democrats now that Pandora’s Box has been opened.

Alan Dankwerth

Oro Valley

If you only believe half what you read, believe the teachers

I expected my letter of April 23rd, to be my last, but on behalf of the individuals who signed the teachers’ letter, I must write again. The irony is, they wrote and signed a letter as one to avoid being dragged into the back-and-forth editorial pattern established by the board members under recall.

Instead of quietly respecting the teachers’ opinion, the staff has now come under attack by a recallee. In the April 30th Explorer, Jack Walden states that the teachers were trying to deceive voters into believing there were double the signers on their letter by both printing and signing their names. Perhaps Mr. Walden is not familiar with this practice; it is done to ensure one’s name is legible.

Also, he attempts to skew their numbers by stating a figure of 120 employees. What he doesn't share is his figure includes the administration, employees on leave of absence (some gone for years), high school students who tutor children in our Connections Program, community members who provide after-school programs in dance, karate, etc., a bank of substitutes who may or may not be called upon to work, people who work one day a week from grant programs, so on and so forth.

Anyone who might possibly receive a check from the school district is included in Walden’s figure. By no means is it an accurate reflection of the “regular staff” of our school district.

Further insult is added when Walden implies that they lack character or intelligence by suggesting that they were forced to sign or didn't know what they signed. Because the staff can only sign off campus and when off duty, their letter represents an exceptional effort on their part to bring their message to the voters. Their letter continues to gain signatures and when complete, will be scanned and posted at http://OracleSchoolBoardRecall.wordpress.com

If you take Mr. Walden’s advice and believe only half of what you read, I recommend that half come from the teachers. Please support the Oracle School District by voting for Bristow, Bowersock and Steffans. Thank you.

Ellen Galloway


Al’s not a Goldwater Republican, either

This letter is in response to Al Melvin’s response to Pete Hershberger.

I agree with you that Pete Hershberger is no Goldwater Republican. He spends the taxpayers’ dollars far too freely.

However, you, sir, are no Goldwater Republican either. The campaign you ran two years ago would have had Barry Goldwater, the man who ignited my political passions as a teenager, rolling over in his grave.

You are directly responsible for the fact that we have two Democrats representing LD26 for the first time in my memory. I could not in good conscience vote for you, and apparently neither could many others. The views you espoused and the issues you ran on during that campaign do not reflect those of LD26, nor of Barry Goldwater, who as a true libertarian, not only believed in smaller government, but in keeping the government out of the private lives of its citizens.

I suggest, before you trying calling forth the ghost of Barry Goldwater in your quest for office, you do some serious soul searching as to your own positions.

Don Hartman

USA must pick needy people above power

Dear editor,

With all the cuts the government officials are making, the one that should never be touched is Medicaid.

I have a son that is very ill and requires nursing.  He is also delayed and has a variety of diseases. He is 20 years old. I am 56.

I have trouble making all the bills now. What little he gets from SSI and food stamps only puts a dent in what I have to spend. Insurance companies and ACHSSS do not pay for over-the-counter drugs, four trash bags a day for the wrapping on the supplies he uses. Light bulbs for the nurses to stay up all night. The electric bill that runs his machines 24 hours a day. The water bill from all the extra people that have to be in my house. Whom washes their hands every time they suction his tracheostomy or every time they go to the bathroom. The coffee they drink to stay awake. The meals they eat because they forgot their lunch / dinner.

I really do not think that government officials or the regular public understand what it costs to have someone in your family that is extremely disabled. If we didn’t think of power and instead thought of our people first, we would be the richest country in the world. Our people should not have to suffer for the sake of oil nor any other reason.

I have worked since I was 13 years old and have never ask the government for anything. I have raised five children and educated every one except my sick one. My son needs just as much help as any other person in the world and as an American deserves the help.  It is a sad USA when winning overruns human kindness.


Darlene Jones-Lundergan

Park idea another boondoggle for OV

Dear editor,

The “Naranja Park” idea is but another boondoggle of the OV bureaucrats and politicos gone mad. Build some ball / soccer fields, yes, but forget the rest. Those “taxers” will pay for it with their jobs if they don’t watch out.

R. E. Lundquist

Oro Valley

County should take over Oro Valley

It’s unfortunate that at the last election we only were able to oust two of the council. Hopefully we will oust another in May.

Three down, two to go.

I think the county should consider taking over Oro Valley. I for one would vote for it.

In the 13 years I have lived here the town council has been totally out of touch with the residents and has shown an inability to act rationally. For example: a considerable amount of time was spent developing the comprehensive plan, now a couple of years later the council appears to be leaning toward major revisions. What has changed?

It’s as if children are playing a game where you get to make up the rules as you play.

Maurice L. McCarty

Oro Valley

Oracle teachers show courage with message

To voters and teachers and staff of the Oracle School District,

My purpose in writing this letter is two fold: first, to thank the teachers, and second to alert the voters of the district of the teachers’ meaningful message.

As a voter in the upcoming election to recall three members of the Oracle School Board, I received an appeal signed by the teachers and staff of the Oracle School District to support the recall effort. Although I know none of them personally and have not been involved in the controversy surrounding the recall, their voices speak to me in a clear and powerful way.

Looking at your signatures in your appeal, I realize the courage it must have taken to sign, knowing that if the recall fails, personal retribution in various forms will surely follow. I understand the board must approve your employment contracts annually. I commend you for your courage to speak up and be heard above all the controversy. I hope you will accept this letter in lieu of a personal “thank you.”

It is important to note that over 90 percent of the teachers and staff have signed and support the recall. In my years in the classroom as an educator, it was gratifying if a simple majority of the faculty and staff could agree on any issue, and 60 percent was considered a mandate.

To the voters of this school district, I hope each of you will hear the teachers’ message and realize the depth of its meaning. You can find a copy of their appeal at the very end of this web: http://oracleschoolboardrecall.wordpress.com.

With over 90 percent of the teachers and staff willing to risk their jobs, I do not need a blow-by-blow analysis of events that have occurred over the years. I will vote for the recall.


William R. McSpadden

a Saddlebrooke retiree

Across Thornydale, Tucson Water wastes the precious resource

Dear editor,

Tucson Water continually admonishes us to save water and bombards us with ways to conserve — all well intended.

However, it seems somewhat disingenuous in light of the fact that Tucson Water has been the source of wasted water flowing across Thornydale Road since February. A report in the Daily Star indicated the water is flowing from the site of a “new well.”

Is there not a way to capture and conserve this precious resource? For example many construction sites use water trucks to spray for dust control. I have noted these trucks often back up to a convenient fire hydrant and suck up a tank full for dust control. Could not Tucson Water capture this valuable resource for this use?

This constant flow of water across a prominent north-south access route for the past four months is most irritating, if not wasteful.

Perhaps you could use your publication to bring light to this wasteful practice by Tucson Water?

Thank you.

Phil Tullar


Maybe Franzi’s the one who needs some driver’s education

Mr. Emil Franzi, in your April 30 edition of The Explorer, takes aim at what can only be described as the safe, courteous and law-abiding motor vehicle operators that he has come upon and has so erroneously mistaken as having to take driver ed again.

Several points must be addressed.

First, the speed limit signs are just that, the limit that one can drive in the optimum conditions. This does not mean 15 or 10 or even 5 miles over what is written on that sign.

Although weather does not come into play to a great degree in this area, the quantity of traffic does. The more traffic, the greater adherence to the law should be taken.

Mr. Franzi says that cars should bunch up so as to be able to not only get through but make left hand turns at intersections in a more orderly and quick manner. It is a fact that most collisions are the result of failure to drive a reasonable distance apart or, to put it another way, bunching up.

He also says that when the oncoming traffic fails to follow the Franzi method of driving, it is difficult to gauge when to make that left hand turn. I am not so sure that this inability is entirely due to the perceived fault of oncoming traffic.

In closing I would have to say that Mr. Franzi might want to flow over to one of those driver ed courses and refresh himself on the rules of the road.

Robert Ulatowsk

Crooks get recalled; there are none on Oracle’s school board

In regards to a letter in the April 30 issue, “What has the Oracle board trio done right?”

The question is what have they done wrong? Is it that they have provided a quality education for the children with limited resources? Protecting the taxpayers’ money? Increasing the staff’s salaries?

There is absolutely no substantiation — only rumors and innuendoes — that anybody on the board has made life miserable for anyone in the Oracle school district, including the teachers. Nearly two-thirds of the staff did not sign that the three board members should be recalled.

One should think in terms of sticking your fist in a bucket of water — the hole that is left after extraction is how much you will be missed.

Ms. Esser claimed that strife never existed until Madeline Bosma, (elected in 1998), Jack Walden (2004), Dr. Boyd Bosma (2006) and Susan Beaman (2000) became board members. That’s hardly the case, but wouldn’t it be reasonable to ask, what’s the common denominator to these four individuals spanning many years?

Ms. Esser says “They don’t seem to realize what a board’s job is, and it isn’t to micro-manage.” Not being aware of any micro-managing, I say let Ms. Esser explain her credentials, and demonstrate what micro-managing is happening in the district.

To all in the Oracle School District who read this, recall is for crooks. Recalling elected officials is serious business. None of the incumbent board members are crooks. Please vote to retain Susan Beaman, Dr. Boyd Bosma, and me, Jack Walden, so that we can finish out our terms. Let the three challengers, secretly picked by a self-appointed committee, follow the process the rest of us have to, collect signatures and declare for election at the regular election in November, rather than being led around by a small bunch of troublemakers who won’t even let them be interviewed for the local paper or face the incumbents in an unbiased forum in Oracle.

In closing, I would like to remind everyone that this election is totally uncalled for and totally unwarranted. Please re-elect the incumbents.

Jack Walden

Board member, O.E.S.D. #2

Writing as an individual


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