Letters to the editor published in the May 13, 2009, edition of The Explorer.

Marana needs McGorray, Post, mayor asserts

Over the past four years, the Town of Marana has been one of the most successful communities in southern Arizona. We have made promises. We have kept our promises. Some examples are:

1) The new Ritz Carlton Hotel that will provide 450 jobs and millions of dollars in tax revenue.

2) The $50 million Twin Peaks interchange, providing a bridge over the Santa Cruz River and a crossing over I-10 and the Union Pacific Railroad. This also will yield hundreds of jobs over the next two years.

3) The Accenture Match Play Golf Tournament brings tens of millions of dollars to Marana and the region.

4) The $23 million Dove Mountain Blvd./Camino De Mañana Road extension connecting our Dove Mountain and Continental Ranch communities.

5) We won the battle with FEMA (flood control), saving our residents $9 million per year. This is an annual savings.

6) We purchased 90 acres contiguous to our airport. This will facilitate another FBO (fixed-base operation) and commercial property opportunities.

7) We cut the ribbon for the development of the new regional park at Cortaro and Silverbell roads.

8) We widened and provided all-weather crossings on Silverbell between Cortaro and Ina. This will help our residents in Continental Ranch, Continental Reserve and Pima Farms.

9) We widened Thornydale Road to six lanes. This helps one of our primary business districts and also helps move traffic more quickly during rush hour.

10) We have been successful in all four decisions issued by the Superior Court in our litigation with Pima County. This will help us keep potable water cost down. It will also help Marana citizens stay in charge of our own future.

11) We will break ground in June on our cemetery. This will allow us to memorialize our loved ones in our own community.

12) We invested $500,000 in the Wheeler Taft Abbett Sr. Library to build the children’s wing in the first phase.

Why would we want to make changes on our town council? Their direction and vision has been exemplary.

Carol McGorray is an accomplished council member. She is the president of the Marana Food Bank board. She is vice president of the Marana Health Center board. She has been a tremendous asset to all of our citizens.

Jon Post is always there when you need him. He has donated thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours to the Marana Western Heritage group. These monies and time have been used to support many community events. He is a successful Marana businessman and we need his leadership on our council.

Carol and Jon are absolutely essential in keeping Marana moving forward. I am encouraging all our citizens to support them in the upcoming election.


Ed Honea, Mayor of Marana

Giffords’ answer on Mexico trucks was not honest

I find it interesting that Rep. Giffords recently responded to a CDO student’s question regarding the halt of a pilot program allowing trucks from Mexico into the U.S. by citing her concerns over “safety and the environment.”

Is she unaware of the 2007 U.S. Department of Transportation’s study of 100 trucks in the pilot program from both the U.S. and Mexico that found the Mexican trucks had “far fewer safety violations than their American counterparts?” I could not find data comparing the environmental impact of these trucks, but since most of the Mexican trucks were new, I assume their emissions were not out of line.

Could it be that the congresswoman simply ignored DOT’s findings in deference to the Teamsters Union’s pressure on Democrats in Congress to prohibit Mexican trucks from free entry into the U.S. in order to protect union jobs? The result of the recent ban is high Mexican tariffs on many U.S. products and goods, thus reducing our exports to that country and hurting our overall economy.

It’s too bad she didn’t give the student an honest answer to the simple question.

Steve Leane, SaddleBrooke

With omission, Editor re-confirms he’s lost his mind

Dear editor,

Once again it appears as though you have lost your mind. Where was Sandefer’s article again this week?

While you run news that is available on numerous media sources, you waste valuable space not running his article weekly. Many of my friends also enjoy James’ “perspective.” These longtime readers look forward to his weekly articles. Many of my fellow co-workers read, enjoy, and discuss his articles weekly.

Please do not be remiss in the future.

Arlo Ogden, Tucson

Preposterous to equate quote with religion

I had to respond to the letters criticizing a public employee for quoting Brigham Young.

Categorizing a quote from a religious leader as supporting a religion is preposterous.

How can that be an interpretation of “no public money shall be apportioned to any religious worship, exercise or establishment?” Quoting a famous person, religious or otherwise, hardly equates to spending money on worship, etc., even if a government employee made the quote. If that is an accepted interpretation, we can no longer quote any religious leader, and probably not even any member of any religious organization. That is also to state that religious leaders cannot say anything worth repeating, nothing wise, nothing that applies to humankind in general, religious or otherwise.

I suggest that anyone who is offended by the quote “Honest hearts produce honest actions” is not an honest person. There is absolutely nothing religious about it, as it doesn’t even mention a god. I don’t see how even an honest atheist would object to this statement, and putting it within a longer statement, which the person quoting Young didn’t say, has nothing to do with the issue.

Quoting a famous person does not imply anyone follows that person’s religion. I guess to be politically correct in Oro Valley, some would have us only quoting atheists. And that is an establishment of a religion too, by some definitions.

Cathy Sherman, Oro Valley

Let county handle dogs, cats

Dear members of the Oro Valley Town Council,

This morning I received an e-mail update from Councilwoman Salette Latas dated May 11 under the subject of “Public Services.”

Within that update was an online petition regarding “exploring the possibility of licensing and humanely returning lost dogs and cats.” I’ve shared this opinion with Ms. Latas in the past. Please let me share my feelings more widely and reiterate — let’s not duplicate a service the county provides for a reasonable fee.

I am an ardent supporter of Ms. Latas and find her to be a refreshing addition to the town council. However, this is one area in which I disagree.

I will add that I am also disappointed in her use of a petition versus her past use of opinion poll surveys. However, there was no room for dissent or input. And the description of the request was a bit cryptic. If it’s a proposal for an animal shelter or dog pound, call it that.

Let me reiterate my feeling about proposing to deliver this service locally.

To create a department or even a single job for this purpose would cost the citizens of Oro Valley much more than the $46,583.71 we currently pay Pima County for animal control services. If her statistic of 24 sheltered dogs last fiscal year is correct, how on earth does it make sense to create a department that would require an administrator/clerk, a technician/vet (salary plus benefits), a vehicle, an office, a computer, a kennel — and that’s just the tip of a slippery slope on a bureaucratic iceberg. The $46,583.71 we pay the county is looking pretty reasonable.

Please do not entertain this idea. It broke my heart to have to euthanize my 15-year-old (humane society adopted) lab last summer. Euthanasia, as a method of animal control, is horrible. Unfortunately, it’s necessary far too often because there is an unconscionable number of unwanted and abandoned pets. I agree with Bob Barker - spay and neuter your pets.

Rather than adding another layer of bureaucracy at the local level, be proactive. Send financial support to the Humane Society for their spay and neuter clinic and for community outreach. Don’t duplicate services and undermine the efforts of Pima County Animal Care when they are already financially stressed and overburdened.


Kathy Shaheen, Oro Valley

Writer was right, humorous voice of reason

I would like to thank Misti Chivaluksna-Smith for her opinion letter titled: “Wake up, people; feds think every last thing a crisis.”

Not only do my family and I share her sentiments, we found her writing style humorous and impeccable. Misti, you are a voice of reason. Bravo.

Christie McElhaney, Tucson

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