Reader Doesn’t need Gov. Brewer to come home

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer is riding high these days. She is currently in New York peddling her book. She has spoken to partisan audiences about SB 1070, and her stand on everything the GOP faithful want to hear.

She has been able to get a GOP Presidential candidate debate for Arizona. She has increased her standing even more with the GOP by throwing a monkey wrench in the redistricting process to get even more Republican districts. All of these have earned her high marks with the GOP National Committee and pushed her up the rumored list to be Vice President.

I sincerely hope that she is actually chosen to team up with whichever GOP Presidential candidate wins the primary. That would be a dream come true – for her, for the GOP and countless others.

However, after failing in the general election, she might return to Arizona to her part-time job as governor for a few weeks before resigning. Just like her good friend and new neighbor, Sarah Palin. Then they can pal around together because they will have had so much in common, e.g., former governors, authors and on-demand speakers. Two peas in a pod.

Brewer really doesn’t have to return to Arizona to govern because, in her own words, “There is no need for me to come home,” because there are plenty of technological ways for her to do her job.  Don’t need her now, won’t need her later.


Jerry Lujan, SaddleBrooke

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