With 1070, son of Arizona won’t be coming home

When our son, who is a Marine, returned from Iraq, I noticed a lot of Marines with a Hispanic last name. I asked him if he knew about how many of the Marines is his unit were Hispanic. He answered about 50 to 60 percent.

Fast forward about two years later, when he was in training at Twenty-Nine Palms, Calif., and we had a farewell party with his unit. I made it a point to ask some of the Marines about their parents and grandparent, and found out that many and I mean many of their grandparents and parents came to this country illegally, keeping in mind that this was after the 1986 amnesty. My question to my fellow gringos — who is going to fight our wars?

Our son was born and raised in Arizona, and graduated from CDO. After a long discussion with him about SB 1070, I got the feeling that he has no interest in returning to Arizona if it is enacted.

Fred J. Koch, Oro Valley

When money enters, logic soon disappears

It does not take long to learn a lot about people when money is involved. Look at the proposed Marana Landfill, for example.

Let’s be honest. It is a garbage dump. Logic would tell normal people that garbage dumps belong in areas away from people and drinking water. Unfortunately, when money enters the equation, logic disappears. As the talk of money grows louder, some people who stand to share the wealth tend to think less of anyone who may be affected by the garbage dump.

If it had not been for the people in opposition to the garbage dump, Marana would not have gotten the sweet deal provided by the development agreement. The developer of the garbage dump would have already been moving forward with the permitting process. This deal is all about greed. Period. Everyone wants to know what is in it for them. All they have to do to show they care more about people than money is to just say no. No rezoning of that land means no garbage dump. Simple.

Greed has taken over in America today. Political greed is worse than it has ever been and selfish politicians are everywhere. Some step on others to elevate themselves in the world. Some use political office to achieve status in their own little world. Many are legends in their own minds. Then there are those who understand how irrational it is to establish a garbage dump near a subdivision, in a floodplain, on top of a rising water aquifer. Politicians who care about all people and the long-lasting results and effects of their actions, are the kinds of politicians we want in office.

When the Town of Marana council members vote on the rezoning of Vice Mayor Herb Kai’s land, we will know which group each council member belongs to.

Currently, about 1,500 tons of garbage is transferred out of our area every day. Only illogical, self-centered, self-serving, greedy people would ever want to bring 1,500 tons of garbage into our beautiful valley for a few dollars.

Steve Storzer, Silverbell West

A nice place, until landfill idea came up

Today I was lamenting on this battle I am embroiled in, fighting DKL’s attempt at putting a mega dump next door to me. I found myself thinking about why I moved out here 21 years ago with my two little boys in tow.

I came to Tucson in 1987 and moved into a midtown apartment complex. After work one day I asked my sons how their day had been. My 5-year-old chimed in, “It was great mom, the cops were here and they arrested a prostitute in the back parking lot.” From that moment on, I dug my heals in and swore I would get my boys into a better environment.

In 1989 I moved my 1972 mobile home to the piece of property I am on today. This area provided a place to raise my children away from the crime in the cities. It provided good clean well water to drink. It provided clean air for my children to breathe. It provided enough open spaces to be involved in 4-H, it provided quiet bliss of no police sirens, no DPS helicopters with spot lights and a safer place for my kids.

The views out here were magnificent. The air, water, quietness and the views are still here. This is a neighborhood of blue collar working families. We put up our fences, we planted our trees, we built our patios with our blood and sweat. We didn’t hire people to do these things, we did them and took care of our land we worked so hard to get. And then along comes DKL/ Larry Henk with Vice Mayor Herb Kai and they decide, we can make a bunch of money and by the time anything happens to these people we’ll have our money.

To the rest of us battling these (people), “man the torpedoes.”

Melissa Rohlik, Silverbell West

This letter was edited – Ed.

Giffords actually is a Democrat in name only

I’d like to encourage Oro Valley’s Republican voters to follow how our Washington representatives are routinely voting (reported weekly in Sunday’s Star).

The degree of aggravation expressed about Giffords surprises me. As a Blue Dog Democrat she helped water down any chances for real health care reform. She appears to vote with Republicans every bit as often as with Democrats … hardly in “lock-step with Pelosi,” as the right wing-nuts like to spin.

Paranoid, bankrupt Republicans can rest assured that she is fighting to keep creditors from repossessing your guns (you’ll likely be able to keep up to three, paid for or not). Whew. I’m resting better at night with that news. Note to self: be extra careful talking politics at the bar tonight.

I’m generally a liberal and find that I’m forced to support a Democrat in name only, as Giffords resembles a moderate Republican in her voting. How the right wing can get worked up about her is beyond me.

Follow also how Kyl and McCain actually vote (not their rhetoric) and ask yourself who are they representing. It is obviously not the middle class. They side time and again against the majority interests of Arizonans in favor of big business and the richest of the rich.

We deserve much better than this.

Dana Whitson, Oro Valley

Shocked at short view of a union

I’ve always been a strong union supporter because I firmly believe that without the threat of unions, we’d be back on the 10-hour, 6-day week in a flash.

That said, I’m always shocked at the shortsightedness of many labor “leaders.”

The Teamsters thought that they were being so clever by scheming that a bus strike would force Tucson to give Sun Tran to the RTA.

Currently, anything nasty like a fare increase, driver layoffs or route eliminations has to go to the city council. If people get worked up enough, the council will often drop the proposal. That’s the way democracy works.

Its not the way the RTA works; the RTA is specifically designed to be insulated from the rabble.

Had the RTA gained control, you can bet that by the second or third day the fares would be increased and the less profitable routes eliminated. There’s no meaningful way to protest or object. We’d all be helpless and hopeless.

And the most helpless would be the unionistas who don’t mind selling us out. If they were working for the RTA instead of the city, they’d be fired and replaced by now; faster than you can say “air traffic controller.”

John Kromko, Tucson

People try to halt what they call ‘mega’ dump

Here I am along with a few others, trying to stop a mega dump.

What really turns my stomach is that some people don’t care about the water aquifer that will be sitting under this mega dump. Once the dump is installed, it will be forever. No dump or any kind of liner has ever been tested forever.

Did everyone forget the problem from the Los Reales dump? Do people not care about their children’s generation and their children’s generations?

What else really makes me sick is you will allow this dump to go in and you will not profit from it. No money in your pockets, but at the cost of the future generations.

Residents of Marana and Tucson, wake up. It is not a dream. I have lived here for over 50 years and I know that our water sources are our most precious resource. Our aquifers in and around Tucson are drying up and someday we will be drawing our drinking water from the largest aquifer in Pima County, that this mega dump will be sitting on and bleeding poison into.

This is reality. Let’s send them a message — Do not dump on us.

You know the story of David and Goliath, and together we will stop this dump.

Bob Ruppelius, Silverbell West

Paton’s record up there for all to inspect

I received a phone call from a friend who received a robo call that didn’t make sense. It stated that Jesse Kelly was lying about Jonathan Paton’s voting record.

Well anyone can go to azleg.gov and look at the 2007 regular session and see that Jonathan voted for the big Democratic budget of $10.6 billion. And the other bills he voted against, such as tort reform where he was the only Republican to vote against it.

This is his record on file for the public to see. Jonathan had the opportunity to address these bills on the debate the other night on Arizona Illustrated, but did not.

When it comes to politics, issues, public records are important information for the voters.

Geri Ottoboni, Oro Valley

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