Letters to the editor appearing in the April 30 issue

Oracle board member replies to recall letter

Don’t believe anything you hear, and only half of what you read in the newspapers, at least about the Oracle school board election.

Yes, the May 20 election is important; and Oracle school district residents need to vote — en masse — to defeat the troublemaker’s efforts to disrupt the school system. Please retain the incumbents: Susan Beaman, Boyd Bosma, and me, Jack Walden.

The letter — “Teachers, staff call for recall of three on Oracle board” which appeared in the April 23 issue of this paper, was misleading. I believe the intent was to make readers believe that all Oracle School District staff supported the recall. Not so.

The letter “Group asks Oracle to recall board trio” is indicative that the writer needs to go back to school herself, and learn arithmetic    the letter is misleading the public, in that half of the list was a printed version of the name. “More than 90 percent of the teachers of the Oracle School District plus their support staff” is a gross exaggeration.

Notably, nearly two-thirds of the 120 staff members did not sign. The letter was clearly more a statement of loyalty to a departing superintendent than anything else. It’s reasonable to ask what kinds of pressure might have led to the signatures and who put up the money — and for what reason — to cover the costs of the mailing.

The letter speaks of actions, but never explains what actions. It speaks of detrimental effects, but never illustrates the effects, cause, or who caused them, if they exist. Furthermore, most of the signers on the list never attend the board meetings and hear only one side of the story.

Please support the incumbents. Susan Beaman, Dr. Boyd Bosma and I have always focused on the children’s best interests, on restoring the proper functions of the board, and on getting the best value for the taxpayers’ money.

Remember: The superintendent was not fired. He voluntarily requested retirement, and his request was unanimously supported by the board. He worked hard all his life and is entitled to happy retirement.

Jack Walden

Board member, O.E.S.D. #2

What has the Oracle board trio done right?

I’ve been reading all the letters from the incumbent Oracle School Board members that need to be recalled.

What have they done right? They have made life miserable for one of the best superintendents in Arizona, and have thereby made life miserable for the teachers. Not only the teachers and staff wish that the three board members be recalled, but parents in that district. This is the first time to my knowledge that a recall election was called for members of the Oracle School Board.

As a SaddleBrooke resident for 18 years, and the wife of a former Oracle School Board member for seven years, there never was any strife until first Madeline Bosma, Jack Walden, and then Boyd Bosma and Susan Beaman became members of the board.

They don’t seem to realize what a board’s job is, and it isn’t to micro-manage.

To all in the Oracle School District who read this, please vote for Dave Bowersock, Alicia Bristow, and Kurt Steffens, so that the three incumbents can be recalled.

Cherie Esser


Bee’s rhetoric makes him sound naive

When billionaire publisher Steve Forbes came to town to endorse Tim Bee’s campaign for the U.S. Congress, your paper ran an article where the first sentence referred to Bee’s “enduring effort” to defeat our incumbent, Gabrielle Giffords.

It’s already clear that a key element in the Bee “effort” will be to mislead the public about Giffords’ positions on issues, while also hoping to divert the public attention from Bee’s performance as the president of the Arizona State Senate.

In the article, Giffords correctly stated that, although she opposes “earmarks” that fund projects in certain congressional districts, she will continue to fight to see that Southern Arizona get its fair share as long as the current system exists. This is what any reasonable person living in a district that includes the University of Arizona, Davis-Monthan Air Force Base and Fort Huachuca would expect from their member of Congress. The taxpayers in this district have needs that must be met … and Giffords would be shirking her duty were she to act otherwise.

Bee was quoted as saying that Giffords’ position on earmarks and her actions as our advocate in Congress were “inconsistent.”

Is Bee kidding? If elected, would he really blow off the need to get the support our district needs because of his opposition to earmarks? That is hard to believe, especially since Bee has always tried to get funding for state projects in the district he represents in the Arizona Senate. In fact, several school districts that lie in his Senate district were recently so grateful for his work that they ponied up some public tax dollars to pay for a TV ad lauding Bee’s work in the Senate.

The Arizona Legislature just passed a budget that employed a raft of accounting gimmicks and that postponed difficult decisions to be dealt with in future years. Bee is the leader of the Arizona State Senate. Does this budget he helped to shape demonstrate the “need to have a transparency for all budget policies?” If he’s so willing to dodge the tough calls when he is in a leadership position in Phoenix, how will he act if he is asked to represent us in Washington?

Giffords has been a strong and pragmatic leader for Southern Arizona who is going to be tough to unseat. One can not blame Tim Bee for trying to arouse some interest in his campaign, but the public is not going to respond to rhetoric that is both misleading about his opponent and that frankly makes him sound naive.

Rex Scott


What would Bee do differently with earmarks?

The Explorer recently quoted Congressional candidate Tim Bee as criticizing U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords’ position on earmarks as “inconsistent” (Bee swarms through the district with Forbes, April 23). He went on to call for “transparency in all budget policies.”

In Congress as in any organization one must play by the rules, as they are not as we may wish them to be. As a member of the “Blue Dog” coalition of fiscally conservative Democrats, Congresswoman Giffords is committed to reform of the entire federal budget process, including reinstatement of the “Pay as You Go” requirement Republicans allowed to expire in 2002. In the meantime millions of dollars continue to flow from Washington, and Congresswoman Giffords intends to secure southern Arizona’s fair share.

As for transparency, appropriations requested by Congresswoman Giffords must meet a stringent set of criteria including a demonstrated community need and assurance that those requesting the appropriation will not personally profit from it.  Fewer than half of funding proposals are approved and the majority will not be funded. After the winnowing out process, Giffords is one of the few members of Congress to post funding requests on her website. You can’t get much more transparent that that.

If Senator Bee wants to criticize Congresswoman Giffords, he owes voters an explanation of his position on the issue of earmarks, and what he would do differently.

William C. Thornton

Registered Independent


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