"Life imprisonment without possibility of parole." Not really. Not in Scotland, not in other countries infected with moral relativism, not even in America if we allow certain trends to continue.

The decision by Scottish Minister of Justice Kenny MacAskill to grant "compassion" to Abdelbasef Ali Mohmet al-Megrahi, the mass killer convicted of murdering 270 people in the bombing of PanAm flight 102, proves that real "life" imprisonment is an illusion that only lasts until a judge or bureaucrat changes it by decree.

The arrogance and self-importance of that Scottish official is incredible. He did not discuss the possible innocence of the convicted terrorist. Nor did he care about any violations of due process or other technical legal matters that would mitigate a life sentence.

His reason for allowing this criminal to go home was a mushy belief that compassion for anyone terminally ill, regardless of whatever hideous crimes they've been convicted of, is not only reason enough but also reflects the values of the Scottish people. Apparently in Scotland, the justice minister can re-define the law based on his belief that his personal value system is the correct one. And once again pathological egalitarianism comes into play.

As Hondo Lane noted, "everybody gets dead." Supposed Scottish compassion now cancels all life sentences. The vilest sociopath — and it's hard to get viler than this one — is now entitled to leave prison upon a terminal diagnosis.

Americans who believe that it couldn't happen here need to pay attention to current trends in jurisprudence. One of the biggest political divides in this country between conservatives and neo-liberals ( I won't insult real liberals like Harry Truman and Jack Kennedy by including them in this insanity) involves taking into consideration the opinions rendered by foreign courts when considering the constitutionality of American laws. Not only do "liberal" members of the court buy into this, but Justice Kennedy and former Justice O'Connor, Reagan appointees both, have also. I find that inexplicable, but we need to recognize it exists.

Newly appointed Justice Sotomayor also represents that mentality. Her appointment was defended by those proclaiming her opinions "mainstream." Unfortunately they are. She told us exactly how her thought processes work when she could not respond to a simple question from Oklahoma Sen. Tom Coburn, who asked if self-defense was a basic human right. You could see the wheels turning in her head as she failed to apply that basic concept to her view of the law where rights need recognition by courts before they count. She couldn't answer.

Bad as that was, MacAskill exceeded it by simply making a ruling that made him feel good without bothering to justify it by statute or constitutional precedent. There is much to learn from foreign judges about what not to do here.

What happens if Megrahi has a miraculous recovery? Can we — who never indicted Megrahi in the first place and let it all be pursued in Scotland — get Ghadafi's Libya to send him back? Could the Scots or Brits? For those conspiracy freaks who claim he was framed, do you think the Libyans are celebrating the release of an innocent man or the act he was convicted of committing? Mass swindler Bernie Madoff also has terminal cancer. Anybody up for "compassionate release" for him?

The final proof of just what dingbats those running Scotland really are. They are shocked and surprised that the Libyan government did not keep their word to keep Megrahi's arrival low key and instead made it a public display.

Hopefully in their next election Scotland will do better. I would really hate to boycott single malt.

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